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50/50 draw

Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Rich, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Rich

    Rich Member

    What do you guys/gals think of the way they do the 50/50 draw? Personally, it gives you very little chance of winning. It would not be bad if it was just a number but you need to be either A, B, C, or D then have the matching number. I buy some every game, and always end up with an A ticket. Not to mention the cost is stupid. I was at the Roughnecks game(my first one) on saturday, 5 freaking dollars for one number, and guess what, it was an A. It is a bogus way for them to make money. I now buy only 1, maybe 2 tickets, they should at least tell you if it is an A, B, C, or D so you could at least get one of each, or if you buy 4, then give us one of each. Stupid Calgary Flames money hogging, rich @#$%&! owners.
  2. Rids

    Rids Moderator Staff Member

    Is it just the order of the ticket rolls? I've never bought a 50/50 myself but the guys that sat in my row when I had Roughnecks season tickets would try to buy their tickets about the first minute of halftime and usually were within a couple hundred numbers of the winning ticket.
  3. deuvl

    deuvl Moderator Staff Member

    I only buy 50/50s as a souvenir when I'm out of town. The only half and half I ever won was 103$ at a women's hockey game in 2008.
  4. redwhite2005

    redwhite2005 Member

    Yes it is a bogus way to sell them. It looks like I will no longer participate.
  5. Bumpnrun

    Bumpnrun Member

    Another reason the 50/50 draw has lost some appeal for me is the fact that up until last season you had to be present to collect the money. Now the winning ticket has two weeks to claim. The 50/50 draw before it went electronic had a nostalgic "CFL experience" and feeling to it. Now when I buy a ticket it doesn't seem have same appeal.
  6. Rids

    Rids Moderator Staff Member

    Yes those re-draws that sent everybody scrambling for the tickets they threw up into the air gave some added 4th quarter entertainment.
  7. Rich

    Rich Member

    I sent a "note of disapproval" to the calgary flames. I have not received a return comment. Could be that they did not like my "are you that hard up for cash" comment.

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