A stellar halftime show scheduled for Friday nights game - NOT

Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Doogie58, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Apparently this weeks halftime show will feature a Fish Taco eating contest! They are bringing in Joey Chesnutt a Nathan's hot dog eating contest winner to compete against Joeys All Stars. Following is a comment I posted on Facebook:

    What's next. Ant racing? How will this translate into entertainment IN A FOOTBALL STADIUM? A Fish Taco eating contest? Are these going to be on the menu in your concessions? THAT would be a refreshing change! Bring them on, I LOVE fish tacos. But to watch some guys Hoover a bunch of them down at Center Field at halftime? How is that entertainment? GEEZ Louise!

    I am sure there are LIVE musical bands of many types who would kill to have a chance to play a set at halftime. Even if they can't be seen particularly well, at least you can HEAR them.

    C'mon Stampeders, This is a PREMIUM priced game as the Riders are here - top dollar is being charged here. Give us FULL value for our season ticket dollar. That includes a halftime show we will be able to SEE from the upper deck or other end of the stadium. How much is Joey's PAYING TO THE STAMPEDERS to run this basically live commercial in stadium, at half time? This shouldn't cost you guys a dime. Maybe that's the issue.

    This well may eclipse the time they had Bruno Gerussi stand at centre field and do a lame fan poll based on boos or cheering at centre field one Labour Day back in the early 80's.

    Can't remember the last time we saw a marching band at McMahon, which is the best halftime entertainment in my mind.
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    Doogie, you have a marching band in your mind? :p

    Now I'm doubly sorry I can't make it down for the game! :D

    And yeah, a fish taco eating contest? :confused:

    Fish tacos are for eating, not watching them being consumed.

    That's about as enticing as the annual LD "BBQ on the Bow" event in Eau Claire, where the public gets to watch judges sample and then award the prizes for best-in-category barbeque dishes, without the public having the option of being able to taste any of the food preparations they've patiently been watching being grilled...:(

    It's lame all right.

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    Wow who does the entertainment for the team! That person should be shown the door!
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    Then there's this...


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