Alberta Considers Making Speeding Even Illegalier

Discussion in 'SF Lounge' started by Stamps Rule, May 27, 2012.

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    May 3, 2012
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    I love these rules where they take something that is already illegal, and they make it MORE illegal.....:rolleyes:

    CTV News reported that Redford is considering a 150% rule, where if you're caught traveling in excess of 150% of the speed limit, the cops seize your car, you get a $600 ticket, 6 demerit points and an automatic appointment in-front of a judge.

    If this is correct, consider the fact that if miss a sign and drive 45KM/H in a playground zone, ZONK, your car is toast.

    I don't advocate or condone speeding and don't feel it's a "natural born right", but I also think that driving 75 in a 50 or 45 in a 30 should not make you an automatic criminal where your car is seized and you have to see a judge about your "conduct".
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    May 1, 2012
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    Well, considering I don't drive 50 K over the speed limit ever, this law won't affect me much. But it will the nutcases we see on our highways barreling by us at breakneck speed. The ones who are the worst offenders aren't people that drive cars but those a******s who drive motorcycles. Especially the bikers on Deerfoot, MacLeod & Crowchild Trails where they lean forward weaving in & out of traffic, going between lanes at least 50 K over the speed limit. Those douchebags on motorcycles are on the roads everyday until it snows. I can live with this law as I can see the benefit of getting those drivers off the road. I still don't like the .05 limit with alcohol. That law is plain stupid. Either make the legal limit .05 or leave it at .08. No interpretations by cops because we know what they'll do...

    Here is a link to the story as your link didn't work, SR: ... story.html

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