Alberta judge recommends a ban on all "shooter alcohol" in Alberta

Discussion in 'SF Lounge' started by Stamps Rule, Jul 21, 2012.

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    May 3, 2012
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    What in the hell is going on in Alberta, lately?

    This activist judge wants to ban all shooters because ONE GUY DIED?

    What else should we ban based on A SINGLE DEATH?

    Ban, ban, ban! That's the solution to everything, lately. This judge even admits that "personal responsibility" is the real issue here, but still insists on a ban.

    So really, let's logically think about this. What is a "shooter"? I'm not a liquor expert, and far from an alcoholic, but my understanding is that it's an ounce of hard liquor poured into a shot glass.

    So what would the honorable judge like to see "banned"? Hard liquor? Tiny glasses? Both?

    If I pour an ounce of hard liquor into a glass full of ice, should that be banned as well? What about an ounce of liquor into a glass of coke? Maybe the government should regulate how quickly we can drink different liquids!

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