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    Alex Singleton Waived by Eagles after 28 tackle pre season.
    (Alex Singleton will know if he's claimed by another #NFL team Saturday afternoon)
    WR Marken Michel,James Vaughters, Jameer Thurman waived .
    FYI:Alex Singleton,(Practice ) James Vaughters,(PracticeI Jameer Thurman??
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    Wouldn't be surprised if Minnesota or at least 2 other NFL teams make a play for Stampede Alex - one team that won't make a play for Singleton or Marken Michel is Winnipeg. With Nichols on the mend, no point stocking up with wide receivers as Mr. Streveler doesn't really have the accuracy to conduct an aerial game - hence why Chris Matthews was cut last week, easy saving of $50 to $60k for bombers!
    Minnesota has tons of great athletes at the ILB, OLB & MLB spots but they're athletes not tackling machines or near as disruptive as A. Singleton.

    If Alex can't latch on with another NFL club Saturday or Sunday - look for him to perhaps wait 1 or 2 weeks of NFL season to see if another team doesn't suffer injuries at the linebacking spot. After that he'll be fair game for the CFL - and Calgary should be able to tie him down to a contract.
    Michel will end up in Hamilton, Calgary or possibly Edmonton.
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    And Jameer Thurman was also cut by the Bears...


    With $275,000 or so in available cap space remaining after BLM's 7 game stint on the IR, it's conceivable that the Stampeders may well be welcoming some of these guys back into the locker room this season.

    And any of 'em would be welcome. ;)

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