Ambrosie enters talks re: BC Lions Sale

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    Randy operates on the panic principle. If there's panic in the land - Randy shows up to observe the panic and share in its effects.

    The Old Boy (Dave Braley) trying to sell the Lions. Or perhaps we should say there's an interested party trying to BUY THE LIONS.

    Old friend Braley reminds me of another old friend, Moe Norman, the illustrious but profoundly disturbed pro golfer from the 50s thru early 80s who often showed up to pro golf tournaments in his Cadillac without taking a hotel room. Even slept in bunkers during his early days.

    Anyways, golf analogies aside. Randy has an interested party for Braley's Lions.

    Team and team assets only - no property, no stadium, no practice facility involved.

    Braley will want big money (as far as CFL franchises are concerned)

    Randy will be there to bridge the gap. . . . telling the new party that he will work hand in hand (cliché) to build Lions crowds and merch. sales. Don't know if that will be enough.

    New party will no doubt want to invoke the "Montreal Solution" where the league co-owns the team (ie. guarantees against losses) but doesn't have much say in team management.

    A clean Lions purchase is prolly in the low millions (3.5 to 7 million) without league participation. An iffy one is 15 to 25 million (Braley's perceived price, not mine) where the new guy looks at crowds of 12,500 to 14,000 paid and says 'How the hay do I make money in this scenario?'

    Does Braley deserve 20 million for his bag of bones? Can't say. All I know is that many forget that Dave Braley, that grizzled old Moe Norman clone saved this frickin' league on more than 1 occasion and continues to pay bills at one CFL site (Toronto now off his hands)

    My guess is that Braley consents (after lots of lickin' by Randy) to an offer of 12 to 14 million with only 5 million down and takes the remainder in annual payments of around 1 million (limited interest) to him or his estate. That's how I see it - I could be wrong!

    The only thing BC needs is invigorated management that often comes with a concerned & prosperous owner who can wear two hats. Red Hat Bob in Hamilton is a prime example.

    And nobody in Winnipeg or Regina should scoff at this from their government assisted markets. Bombers only survive because they were gifted a stadium from a premier (selinger) suffering from Dementia under heavy, mounting pressure from a guy who didn't put a penny into the project. (for the record the guy's name was David Asper)

    The Bombers would be dying on the vine if not for excessive govt. participation. If the govt. wasn't subsidizing the Wpg. franchise it would have folded years ago. Winnipeg businessmen at the highest echelons aren't poor - but they ain't stupid either. Asper didn't put a penny into the franchise over his 25+ years of participation. . . . . but local businesses have been stiffed repeatedly by accepting pennies on the dollar for deals they've entered into with the football team.

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