An Indelible Decade Of Nik Lewis

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    An indelible decade of Nik Lewis
    Stamps veteran reports to camp with the same skills that have made him a unique CFL superstar
    George Johnson,

    Seated at a table in the players lounge, as the moisture outside intensified, the future mixed conversationally into the past for Nik Lewis, like raindrops running down a window.

    “I don’t know how I’m going to feel this time next year, or even this time tomorrow,” he’s confessing, the first of training camp’s two-a-days X’d off the calendar. “The plan is this one and two more. That’s the plan. I never want to be just another player. I can’t . . . I don’t want to come out and just hang around. Couldn’t stand it.

    “I never want to be just ‘some guy’ . . .

    “But if my body continues to feel good, and right now it feels” — he drags the word out, caresses it as if it were a swatch of Chennai silk — “goooooood, then, by all means, the plan can be altered.”

    The sodden Sunday opening of Calgary Stampeders’ 2013 main camp officially marked a Decade of Nik hereabouts. Ten years since the stocky kid from Mineral Wells, Texas, showed up to try out at slotback.

    Nine previous seasons of 1,000 yards or better from the slotback position.

    And, turning 31 today, no visible signs of erosion.

    “Oh yeah, I remember my first camp,” Lewis is reminiscing. “Sure. Back on the grass (down the slope, south side of McMahon Stadium). After rookie camp, first day being with all the vets. I was a big fan of (Texas Longhorn alumni) Wane McGarity and also (Texas A&M star) Albert Connell. Guys that I looked up to for so many years. You know, it’s funny but more than even actually making the team I wanted to impress them.

    “You always want guys you idolized through college and everything to notice you, to watch you play and think ‘Yeah, yeah, that kid’s good.’

    “I figured if they liked what I could do, they maybe I could find a place to fit in.”

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    Nik's a really great guy off the field. I enjoy getting the chance to talk to him when I'm back in town.

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