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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Bumpnrun, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Even after a few days I still cannot believe the Stamps lost in the fashion they did. Once again I was provided with false hope that this team would pull through and win. Despite the team actually handling the adverse weather conditions and playing a solid game for 55 minutes they just couldn’t seal the deal and come away with the victory.

    I could blame another GC heartbreak to the weather. Believe me I don’t think there was nobody more consumed with anger when Jordan fumbled the game away. Or BLM throwing a pick at the most important time in the game.

    {Personally I like to think we lost both games this year and last year due to the fact that QUICK SIX wasn’t allowed to participate. }

    I would like to blame the football Gods and point the finger at fate and say what the #%*#%. Why does it always have to be the Stamps that lose in record breaking fashion?

    However, the truth be told the game of football comes down to one word and one word only: execution. Too bad for the Stamps they are for the most part their own executioner in the big game.

    For this Stampeder’s fan this will be another long offseason lamenting what could have been. Come next season another 18 game audition to the dance as Hufnagel would put it.

    Funny thing is that when the Stamps get the dance floor they always end up tripping over their two feet.

    Well maybe next year will be the year they don’t.
    All I can do is hope and to have faith.
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    I remember when we lost back to back in '05-'06 and then we won back to back in '09-'10 so yes do keep the faith horse nation.
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