Are you kidding? Another Ref Considered?

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by oilpatchhilbily, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Flying down the stairs before the commercials ended, I thought I had just skidded down the last couple stairs, but I may have actually fallen and knocked myself out..
    Could have sworn I heard comments at half time about the league considering an additional back judge - strictly for calling penalties on the QB, laces untied, and foul language.
    New year, new rules, lot's of game delay so far - do we need another zebra to call more of 'em?
    CFL - 2015: face shields for all players mandatory as flying debris a real hazard - washers/nylon projectiles pose serious threat to players, coaches, and fans (up to row 18 at least).
    League required to obtain Fireworks Licence prior to all games - exceeding civilian launch ratio within city limits....
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    Jun 2, 2012
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    What the game needs is another ref LOL. Why not do as they are doing now but make the hits on the QB reviewable and if the hit was one where the player was in flight and could not stop then it is waved off. Also touching a helmet or the quarter back should not be a penalty this is football. If it is a hard hit to the head of a QB penalty applies. Some of the calls this year are just plain stupid. If a defensive player is diving to tackle the qb how does one stop in mid air. This is the dumbest thing the CFL has done. I realize the qb's need protection but at the same time your ruining the game might as well give the QB two flags on both sides of their asses because right now it is plain stupid.

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