Argos release Jim Popp - Pinball now GM

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    One of the most storied and experienced CFL GMs was cut loose today. Jim Popp is no longer GM of the Toronto CFL franchise. Michael "Pinner" Clemons is the new GM.

    Popp is still a relatively young man (55 or 56) with a storied legend in the league. Grey Cup rings, conference championships, win/loss percentage, etc. Most, of course on the backs of legendary CFL QB Anthony Calvillo.

    But despite getting Calvillo - he built solid teams, solid scouting systems, fan support in Montreal peaked and although he was not known as a genius marketer or ticket-seller, he did a huge chunk of good for CFL football and particularly the Als.

    His post-Als record is fairly putrid.

    Is there a CFL team that can utilize his services? Prolly. Maybe even an NFL team - while Popp is not NFL GM calibre - he could slide into scouting and/or signing service in a junior management capacity. Definitely has the experience.

    Certainly he could be utilized in a beggar's CFL market like Winnipeg. Far more experienced than the seemingly forever-green GM Kyle Walters (Walters knows how to talk football but doesn't do it particularly well). Winnipeg seems to prefer inert invalids in wheel-chairs as their GMs, Board presidents, etc. vs. real football men who might upset the apple-cart here and there. Popp would definitely do that. A guy like Popp would have ordered the firing of coaching vermin like Richie Hall and Mike O'Shea - Hall would have been gone a couple yrs back - and O'Shea's 6 yr career .500 record doesn't seem to be improving - his 1 playoff win in 6 yrs (vs. a wounded SSK QB named Brando Bridge) doesn't cut the mustard.

    Easy prediction - Wpg. will just keep goin' on, facing their maker in the semi-finals and getting sent back to Q-School. Jim Popp may not be the complete answer to obvious problems in Winnipeg - but he'd be a start.

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