BleedRedBlacks BleedRedblacks Season 2 Episode 17

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    Season 2 Episode 17

    With Mike out of town, Colin is joined in studio by Mark, Johnny and Jeannine to hold down the fort. What a week to come back from vacati0n! NFL Fantasy Football, Jays in contention, Folk Fest comming up and who can forget a few wonder years references.... Winnie anyone? #FredSavage

    The boys recap the fantastic win over the BC Lions on sunday we cant grow tired of hearing some Charlie Sheen. On the Pick'em side, we run down the top players in our league who are doing infinitely better than Mike and Colin.

    Santino is back this week ranting about special teams part deux and Jeannine delivers Around the CFL live in studio for a change.

    All this and more on season 2 of the Bleed Redblacks podcast!

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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