BleedRedBlacks BleedRedblacks Season 2 Episode 28

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    Season 2 Episode 28

    Well the Grey Cup is over, and despite the amazing season the Redblacks put together this year, the grey cup is going to Edmonton (hey they need something to look forward to in Edmonton....). The boys get together in studio once again to talk about the game and wish Jeannine a happy birthday while wearing ninja turtle masks? The results of last weeks new winning song poll are in and apparently the listeners of the Bleed Redblacks podcast like to win louder than everything else! your new winning song is Live to Win by Motorhead! There's nothing more rock n roll than Lemmy and there's nothing better than a Redblacks Win!

    Santino is back with what will most likely be his last rant of the season.

    The boys break down the Grey Cup and highlight the best part of Ottawa's game on sunday.

    Johnny Z brings us another bytown beats with TheCreeps.

    All this and more on season 2 of the Bleed Redblac

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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