BleedRedBlacks BleedRedblacks Season 2 Episode 29

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    Season 2 Episode 29

    Its that time of the year again, time for the Season Finale of the Bleed Redblacks podcast! In order to end a great season with a bang, we are joined in studio with none other than our own Jeannine and the one and only AJ Jacubec from TSN team 1200. The crew talks music, 2nd and Bronson, Grey Cup experience with Crickets galore and the odd Montebello reference.

    Santino brings us his final rant of the season about sunny days (we think he stole this from the PMO...).

    Johnny Z brings us this seasons final bytown beats with Hellbros.

    All this and more on season 2 of the Bleed Redblacks

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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