BleedRedBlacks BleedRedblacks Season 2 Episode 4

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    Season 2 Episode 4

    What do FIFA, potatoe chip brands, mustard stained shirts, three's company and CFL all have in common? We're pretty sure there is no connection other than they all came up as topics in this weeks show! The boys get down to business talking about D-Fence and #Camplife along with an impromptu appearance by Producer Mark's new feline friend and resident PODCat - Khaleesi. We recap the disappointing preseason matchup with the Ti-Cats and Johnny Z delivers again with the first segment of the Zed Files.

    Santino puts the preseason loss to the Ti-Cats in perspective for what it is in this weeks rant and Jeannine talks east vs west imbalance and covers off the post camp outlook for the rest of the CFL.

    Producer Johnny Z is back with another edition of Bytowne Beats, featuring Trunk!

    All this and more on season 2 of the Bleed Redblacks podcast!

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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