BleedRedBlacks BleedRedblacks Season 2 Episode 6

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    Season 2 Episode 6

    What happens when you pack Colin. Mark, Mike and two good buddies into a RV and send them off to Montebello for the weekend? Great times, great shows, 1$ hot dogs, poutine everywhere and a very well maintained RV water system. Montebello was a blast and the guys share some of the stories and highlights of the weekend at Rockfest. If you cant tell already, they are still excited about it.

    Santino picks comments on fan pictures and the new season ticket look and Jeannine takes a look at the head coaches Around the League .

    Producer Johnny Z is back with another edition of Bytowne Beats, featuring Eagleson!

    All this and more on season 2 of the Bleed Redblacks podcast!

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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