BLM for the win!

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    Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that - a great gesture by BLM.

    Couple more details on how it all went down.

    Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell makes youngster's dream come true after tweet

    If you’re one lucky De Winton kid hanging out with your football hero is as easy as shooting a tweet his way.

    Bo Levi Mitchell fired back a reply to Owen Vanin within half an hour.

    The star Calgary Stampeders quarterback was just getting fitted for a suit Saturday, a couple of hours before he was due at a gala, and the nine-year-old was welcome to come hang out — no big deal.

    “I was really nervous at first because I’ve never met Bo before,” the youngster said.

    “It was this really fancy store.

    “There were a bunch of other people taking pictures and stuff like that.”

    Owen and his dad Mike had picked up a game-worn Mitchell jersey and a game-worn Jerome Messam helmet at the Stamps’ locker room sale Saturday.

    They took to Twitter with their grabs, jokingly saying the only thing missing were the autographs.

    For Mitchell though, making a fan’s day seems to be serious business — he tweeted back then they quickly arranged the meet-up at Supreme Men’s Wear in downtown Calgary.

    “He definitely went out of his way to make it happen,” Mike said.

    “We were kind of hanging around outside the building, because we didn’t want to go in and interrupt the business — one of their employees came out and brought us into the store.

    “Bo signed everything ... and one of the employees took a bunch of photos for us then went out of his way to email them to us.”

    Owen hasn’t stopped talking about the encounter since, Mike said.

    He’s just wrapped up his second year in atom football, Mike said, and considers the Stamps star to be one of his inspirations.

    “It was awesome,” Owen said.

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