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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by redwhite2005, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Yes Bo was on after the game and he stated it was too bad that so many fans gave up on the team and left early and yes that is true. But the team which for the past 3 years played 60 minutes in all areas of the team where we would not have to come back by three scores. Now do not get me wrong I agree with him and I am not angry with what he said. But I think Bo should go to his team mates and say did you see the mass exiting of our home fans with 4 minutes to go? This was done by this team not playing a full 60 minutes and not in each area of the team. That first quarter was a complete joke and I can tell you if they keep spotting touchdowns like they have with the Lions it is going to be another season of short comings. The team needs to play 60 minutes of football on defense, offense and man the special teams have been promising but inadequate with the exception of Maver. I truly believe had those defensive starters for the LIons did not go down that game would have been over by the third quarter. Our oline absolutely sucked that first quarter. So there you go Bo there is a reason those fans left it is because they truly believed the team is not good enough to what you guys did last night. Congrats but again it takes 60 minutes to win a football game you guys got lucky playing 45 minutes last night.
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    I agree that this team has yet to play a full sixty minutes. There are some inconsistencies in their game (namely punt return coverage), however between both teams in last night's game provided one of the best games of the season so far. I like the never die attitude the team has.
    Furhermore, with last night's victory, it just shows how difficult it is win at McMahon for opposing teams.
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    Rene paredes needs some more FG practice.
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