Bomber Report G. 1: Ticket-Selling Problems

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    25,300 fans came to Bomber home-opener, Thursday night. A solid and versatile roster but still thwarted by a stubborn and occasionally ignorant head coach. Bombers tried furiously to give a game they controlled throughout but Edmonton was too pooped to pop at the end and the Bombers slithered away with the W.

    Bigger problem - CEO Wad Miller and his enormous staff, shrouded in their cloaks of secrecy had over six months to sell tickets for their home opener - a big game against an unbeaten rival with a fresh arm (Harris) at the helm.

    The Bombers even sold a passel of tickets for their Rum Hut promotion (a mezzanine bar that welcomes drug deals, mopes & out of control drinkbox fans), possibly up to 500 to 600 $!5 standing around tickets that include a spot in the Rum Hut PLUS a drink voucher. That's an invitation for disaster but more on that to a later day.

    Assuming the bomber season ticket base has only dropped a tad (Wad Miller is extremely secretive at revealing seas. tkt numbers) the assumed STB (season tkt. base) is around 18,500.

    That means in 6 and a half months of actual selling time - the bombers sales dept. could only put an additional 6,500 butts in the facility. That's less than 1000 tickets per month - less if you subtract the number of bumpkin drunk vouchers in the Rum Hut.

    25,000 is still up there in league attendance rankings - superior numbers to wobbly Montreal and frantic Toronto, 7 or 8 thousand past Vancouver; about equal to short-pack stadiums like Hamilton & Ottawa but remarkably short of western rivals Calgary, Edmonton & Regina.

    Last nite's weather was near perfect. Around 28 and sunny with little wind at game-time. Fans that were there were jacked to go and stayed loud and strong even when the Bombers started to melt down late in 4th quarter.

    As Trump says "We'll See!" as the season proceeds but Miller now has a challenge before him. Dwindling attendance with one of the best teams (albeit thin depth in key areas) in the league. Also no big rock concerts to buffer revenues and a Premier Soccer league team (Valour) that while coming out of the gate like a house on fire, has settled down to a miserable losing track with feeble attendance (3,500 to 5,000)

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