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    Former Bomber & Rider GM Brendan "Mr. Napkins" Taman trying desperately to get a job back in the CFL.

    Taman grew up thru the ranks of ball-boy, player guy, assistant GM, GM, fired, scrap-heaper.

    He's no more than 55/56, same age as freshly fired Jim Popp

    Downside - he's an erratic trader that traffics in panic
    Not a particularly great evaluator of talent (look at the plethora of hobo quarterbacks he brought in to Winnipeg over his time there)
    Trained under a psychopathic hobo GM/President named Lyle Bauer - that's like your surgeon telling you he got his degree in heart surgery from Trump University

    Upside - Taman is Canadian (from Sask'n actually)
    He's an honest broker; unlike his main trainer Lyle Bauer
    He knows the league, its constituents and has been known to occasionally mingle with fans.

    The reality - a few guys w/ extensive CFL experience still hovering around the league

    Kavis Reed
    Jim Popp
    Jim Barker (currently working sidelines for Hamilton Ti-Cats)
    Lyle Bauer (the devil himself)
    Mike "Maggot" Kelly (a Bauer protegee who is probably banned from the CFL)
    Kent "The Human Nervous Breakdown" Austin

    Maritimes will need a GM very soon. Barker, Popp & Reed will compete for that spot.

    Bombers an attractive environment in terms of stability (government backed), money (they pay more than most for guys who deliver less than most), etc.

    But Kyle Walters is Wad Miller's designated boy, regardless of Walters profound lack of experience at almost every level. Walters has few, if any solid American contacts. In this league you need solid American contacts vs. a monthly subscription to Football Monthly.

    Can's see Bauer back at the top. Time has passed him by. Health is poor to below average. Same with Mike Kelly.

    I can see Bombers making a concerted effort for Marcel Desjardins - but Marcel knows the league and prolly doesn't want to work for a human temper tantrum named Wade Miller - verboten unless he can't find work anywhere - Winnipeg becomes an option.

    I can see Toronto making an effort to pick up Mike O'Shea as HC, despite Osh's indifferent record over last 6 yrs in Wpg.

    When it comes to the betting line - I'd put smart money on Winnipeg trying to project stability by keeping inefficient, lost, out of place & feeble GMs, HCs, Presidents, QBs & MLBs in place. They won't break tendency until they run out of money.

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