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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Bronko, Nov 21, 2012.

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    May 5, 2012
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    [attachment=33]As many of you know I came aboard Stampsfans by virtue of a lifetime ban from various bomber websites. Came aboard GSG first and then became one of the inauguaral members on SF.

    They call me the anti-bomber fan, so be it. I'm a CFL fan.

    And on the eve of one of the greatest moments in CFL history (Grey Cup 100) I want to pay tribute to the various members who have allowed me to post here. There is no greater reward than to be accepted into a group of fellow citizens who follow similar tracks.

    To this, I have decided to don my Calgary Stampeders Pin (image attached) for the first time and become a self-appointed honorary stamps fan for Grey Cup Week.

    As some of you know I lost my mother to a combination of Alzheimers and Cancer earlier this year. Even though she was not a great sports fan she would sit thru many a CFL game as I provided her a veritable play-by-play of some amazing CFL moments. Despite her Alzheimers she was amazingly bright and occasionally while watching a CFL game and completely uninitiated by myself she would blurt out "There's Khari Jo" when Khari Jones appeared on screen. Last year, during bomber games she would often ask me about where that fella "Kelly Savalas" went. I told her he was fired, and Lord Lyle moved to Calgary. Whenever Lyle came on TV - she would say "Is that Lord Lyle?" and finally my proudest moment. Completely unprovoked while watching last year's Grey Cup game in Vancouver she unexpectedly said "Thats Plop!" when Paul Lapolice was being interviewed. A son could never be prouder when a mother takes an interest, even in her waning months. It brought a tear to my eyes then and again tonite....

    I have a feeling she'll be checking in on Sunday's big game and perhaps she'll remember some of the boys - Obby Khan, Field Mouse Glenn, RJ Franklin, Lord Lyle, etc. And we all know who she'll be cheering for.

    I am very proud of Norma, who became a football fan by accident.

    And I offer up the Stamps pin in honour of a life well lived. Norma - The Awkward Angel.....
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    I did not know your mom had passed away, Nate. My condolences on your loss.
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    It was before the als' first win over the bombers this year. She realized we became immune to plopball and had bu-bu exact revenge on us.

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