'Buckle in for the crunch under the "Hammer"...

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    ...by his receivers (Eric Rogers, I'm lookin' at you!).

    Defence had a terrific night (Cordero Law, I'm lookin' at you!), but special teams only so-so.

    Trailing by a major half-way through the 4th, after a nice return by Williams, Rogers redeems himself, with Carey getting the major score to tie it at 23.

    Then Calgary on defence, with the wind at their backs, can't hold the Ti-cats, who eat the clock and march the ball down the field to score a touchdown on a reception in the end-zone by Banks at the 3 minute warning, and they go ahead by 30 to 23.

    Calgary marches the ball with under 3 to go, runs into penalty trouble (holding), nearly redeems themselves until Ambles fumbles after a reception and Hamilton recovers.

    Can't stop the Ti-cat march, and they put themselves into 3 point territory after the turnover, and on the punt pin Calgary at their own 8 with only 27 seconds to go.

    Stampeders march the ball but last gasp attempt by Calgary caught at the Hamilton 45 but it's not enough as the clock runs out.

    A winnable game for Calgary, but it was not to be...:(

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    I agree a very winnable game Tundra. However, just like against the Redblacks the Stamps struggled with consistency in their game tonight. I thought they played well enough to win, but did not make the critical plays when necessary. Unlike last week, the Stamps missed assignments, did not execute well enough to win and at times in the game lacked focus.
    On the positive side Tundra hopefully this makes them a little growly and determined with a better effort come Thursday against the Argos.
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    Stamps could have won - Arbuckle played well enough even with the o-line letting down on protection some for the win. The drops, fumbles and defender side of special teams weren't quite good enough tonight, but we have all seen the players that were off tonight have better nights in the past.

    I do think this game was a toss-up as played by both sides, and some of those we will lose. Neither team was dominant. I do think they were still too busy celebrating the punt block and score when they kicked off though.

    This game was enjoyable to watch, even with the loss. Which I can't really say about first two games this weekend. And while I found it interesting, the Montreal/Ottawa game was not very "gripping".
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