Bud Grant vs. Bubu Burke

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Bronko, Oct 24, 2012.

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    May 5, 2012
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    Someone asked me at a coffeeshop yesterday how would Bud Grant have fared with the current bombers. I had to think about it for a minute but here's my answer:

    1. Probably around 8-10, certainly no higher than 9-9 with the amount of talentless canuck depth players, broken QBs, egotistical DBs, etc.

    2. Reason Grant could have got this 6-12 team to a playoff berth, either hosting a semi or travelling to foreign turf is this

    a. If Grant had a broken tissue QB like Pierce he'd instruct him hard that he's not to run for daylight unless its out of bounds, hook slides or taking a knee.

    b. Grant would not have had the brainfartz Burke had when donating a game (2 pts) to Sask. at the Banjo Bowl.

    c. Grant would find a way to play to his team's strengths; if that meant putting in a 275 lb. blocking back/tight end to help spring his runners so be it.

    d. Grant's most important law was his Law of Turnovers - you simply must keep control of the ball - if you lose it in transition (snap or handoff) you simply fall on the ball and lose whatever yards. You punt it and let your dominant defense get it back. No fuss, no muss. If a returner flubs 2 kickoffs or punts he's no longer your returner. End of question.

    3. Grant might also have snagged another couple Grey Cups in the last 24 years. Even with mopes like Lyle Bauer, Brenda Taman, Joe Mack & Mike Kelly as his GMs. He'd be incredible if he had a GM like Wally Buono, Jim Finks or Jim Popp. The Grey Cup the Bombers donated to Regina is perfect example. Dinwiddie (a first time starter) was mis-used by Coach Doug Berry, Berry didn't put a restrictive leash on Dinwiddie. Grant would have had the kid tethered to a ball and chain - don't donate picks, don't fumble, just run, grunt and plug and let your dominant defense shuck the Riders.

    Bud might have also won last year's Cup, even against a dominant team like BC. Can't say how, but he would have found a way. Plop just turtled and played dead.
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    Bud would have taken the players on one of his hunting expeditions and leave them to fend for themselves in the woods and those that didn't get eaten by bears would make the cut.
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    Bud would have made sure they understood that "Earl's" is a gas station on Academy Road and not your home away from home.
    Bud would have ensured that if "dreads" are part of what can be tackled, then you don't have any.
    Bud would have told the BoD that the agreement with MLCC is their business, the football team is his.
    Bud would have ensured that everyone was either proud to be a Bomber or proud to be @ home looking after the kids.
    Bud would have cut everyone who publicly laughed at other team members failures.
    Bud would have his team in the playoffs.
    This Bud's for you, Bomber fans.
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    Grant would have replaced a lot of the guys on this team so it is a moot question.

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