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    Hughes takes swipe at Sheets

    The cast removed from his right wrist, Charleston Hughes decided to come out swinging in the direction of Kory Sheets.

    When the Calgary Stampeders star defensive end speaks, it’s similar to a choose-your-own adventure book.
    It can go many different directions, and Thursday was no different, as he took aim at the Saskatchewan Roughriders tailback, the CFL’s leading rusher with 712 yards.
    “I don’t think he’s gonna rush for over 100 yards against us,” Hughes said. “It’s gonna feel good hitting him. I don’t think he’s been hit yet. He needs to get hit.
    “I don’t think he can take a hit.”

    Fraser knows Sheets from college clashes

    College prepared Eric Fraser for life after football.

    It also prepped the Calgary Stampeders safety for Saskatchewan Roughriders running back Kory Sheets.
    In a 12-month NCAA football span from September 2007 to September '08, Fraser and his Central Michigan Chippewas squared off with Sheets' Purdue Boilermakers three times -- all Purdue wins, including the '07 Motor City Bowl -- so you can forgive Fraser if he doesn't need to pop in the gametape to figure out what the CFL's leading rusher is all about.

    Freddie Bishop III gets his debut

    Freddie Bishop III is done with his solitary boot camp.

    The big defensive tackle didn't sign with the Calgary Stampeders until July 16.
    After two weeks of 'camp', he's good to go.
    "My first two weeks were like a training camp just to get adjusted to the game and the yard off the ball," said Bishop, who will make his CFL debut Friday night against the Saskatchewan Roughriders (7 p.m., TSN/News Talk 770).
    "I'm ready to go get it. It's my first CFL game.
    "Get out there, get the butterflies out and see what everything's about up here (in Canadian football)."

    Wall faces tough test in Dressler and Getzlaff

    Out of the frying pan, as they say, and into the fire.

    Calgary Stampeders defensive halfback Jamar Wall is happy to be back on the field.
    But he’ll face a stiff test in his first game back since Week 2 in Regina.
    “I’ve been ready to go for awhile,” Wall said. “I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to go.
    “They called me up this week and told me to go back to work.”
    He’ll go back to work against a formidable pair of Saskatchewan Roughriders slotbacks — Weston Dressler and Chris Getzlaf.

    Are you ready for the Game of the Year?

    During the dog days of summer in the Canadian Football League, some games in August have little meaning to the season standings and even less implications on what happens in November come Grey Cup week.
    But Friday night’s clash — the Calgary Stampeders (4-1) versus the undefeated Saskatchewan Roughriders (5-0) at McMahon Stadium — is not one of those games.
    “As far as wins and losses are concerned, you’re playing a game where you’re in the business of winning,” Stampeders’ starting quarterback Kevin Glenn was saying Thursday, as the team completed last minute preparations for the upcoming invasion of the Green Army. “I don’t think it matters what the other teams wins and losses record. You just want to go out and win. It will be a good spoiler. To come into our house with an undefeated team in front of our home crowd and give them a loss. But most importantly, we need to get better as a football team and get another win under our belt. It’ll push us closer to them in the standings and help us with the head-to-head battle. game year date/8766836/story.html

    Johnson: Can deep, talented 'riders be beaten?

    Rey Williams isn’t presumptuous enough to try and tell anybody how to spend his or her Friday evening, exactly . . .
    But that hot date? Cancel it.
    The weekend junket to the cabin at the Shuswap? Delay it.
    “Let me tell you, if you are absolutely, positively, categorically not going to be here,” admonishes the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ loquacious linebacker, opening his arms wide to take in the width and breadth of McMahon Stadium, “and you really should be, then get your popcorn popped, whatever goodies you want, make sure all your bathroom breaks are taken care of.
    “Do what you gotta do, settle in and enjoy.”
    When asked earlier during the obligatory day-before coaching briefing if this was the type of game, were he not directly involved in, he’d be keen to watch, Riders’ boss Corey Chamblin blinked in surprise.
    “This is a game,” he replied, “I wish I could play in.” these deep talented Saskatchewan Roughriders beaten/8766826/story.html

    Multi-faceted Cornish seizes life by the horns

    Jon Cornish can’t remember exactly how old he was at the time of his first encounter with the media.
    But the lesson of that experience remains to this day.
    “I was walking into a mall and some reporter from CTV or something, asked me I what I wanted for Christmas,” Cornish says, leaning back in a golf cart after Calgary Stampeders practice.
    With the bright light shining in his eyes and microphone jammed in front of his lips, little Jon earnestly told the reporter he wanted to find Lego set under the tree on Christmas morning.
    In the aftermath of his 10 seconds of fame, his mother Margaret let her boy have it.
    “My mom berated me because I didn’t say something socially conscious,” Cornish says. “She taught me well.” faceted Cornish continues grab life horns/8766618/story.html

    Tate clarifies 'misdiagnosed' comments

    Drew Tate will pull his No. 4 jersey over his head tonight and stand on the sidelines as the third-string quarterback for the Calgary Stampeders.
    But in reality, Tate is out of the picture for another two or three weeks — perhaps longer — due to the latest setback with the injury to his right throwing arm.
    “We want to take it cautiously,” head coach/general manager John Hufnagel said Thursday morning.
    “I’m not a doctor, but I think tennis elbow might be something you could relate it to.
    “Essentially, it is the soft tissue connecting to the bone and it’s painful. Hopefully we can get this cleared.”
    Tate attempted to undertake some clearing up of a different kind Thursday in clarifying his comments the day prior about his injury being misdiagnosed by the Stampeder medical staff. clarifies misdiagnosed comments frustration over injury continues/8766832/story.html

    Taylor 'due'

    The conversation opens with the usual pleasantries.
    “How are you?” a reporter asks Larry Taylor after Calgary Stampeders practice.
    The diminutive kick returner replies in the future tense.
    “Hopefully,” he says with a toothy grin, “things are going to be great after Friday night.” Stamps special team unit aims bust slump/8766838/story.html

    Strap 'em up, it's nearly 'Game Time' CFL fans! :D

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