Calgary Stampeders Kicker Rob Maver Looks To Kick It Into High Gear

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    Calgary Stampeders kicker Rob Maver looks to kick it into high gear
    Scott Fisher,

    Rob Maver has been launching moon shots throughout training camp.

    But the Calgary Stampeders punter wasn't happy with his pre-season performance, especially a 25-yard shank in the opening quarter of Friday's 29-27 loss to the B.C. Lions.

    The fourth-year punter shook his head as he walked off the field, but refused to blame the heavy rain.

    "Just being dumb," Maver said with a laugh. "It was the first pre-season game, but I don't think I performed up to where I'm able to.

    "I'm just working to be better the next day, stack good days on top of each other and get ready for the season.
    "But I definitely want to be better Thursday than I was Friday."

    He knows it's possible he could face worse weather in Regina than what he dealt with at McMahon Stadium last week.

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