Calgary Stampeders Marquay Mcdaniel Working Behind The Scenes

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    Calgary Stampeders Marquay McDaniel working behind the scenes
    Scott Mitchell,

    Marquay McDaniel likes getting lost in the shuffle.

    Overlooked? He couldn't care less.

    Forgotten man? Not by the Calgary Stampeders coaching staff.

    "I've always felt like Marquay is an under-appreciated guy," said Stamps offensive co-ordinator Dave Dickenson, as the team prepared for Thursday night's pre-season tilt against the Saskatchewan Roughriders (8 p.m.). "He does a lot of things great in our offence, but Nik (Lewis) and Mo (Price) get a lot of the headlines, and rightfully so."

    It doesn't bother McDaniel one bit if the Nik Lewises and Maurice Prices of the world are hogging the spotlight. He'll stick to his assignments and continue to quietly go about his business.

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