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    Time for Lions to put up or shut up

    Steve Myddelton knew he was going to be popular in his first week with the B.C. Lions, and the former Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman wasn’t disappointed.
    "You name it; they’ve asked me. Every type of question you can imagine," Myddelton said in the wake of his trade from the Stamps to the Lions last week. He may only work the short-yardage unit Saturday, but you can be a wealth of knowledge if your new team is trying to erase months of frustration with their West Division rivals at B.C. Place Stadium in your first game.
    But as the Lions embark on what is the defining portion of their schedule, with half of their remaining 12 games against the Stamps and Saskatchewan Roughriders, what remains unanswered is whether Myddleton’s new team has come to understand their drop in the CFL’s high-rent district.

    Lions aim to hog-tie Cornish

    If Andrew Harris stepped back and thought about things he’d be flattered because, for a long time, the conversation about great Canadian running backs was as lengthy as the conversation about great Samoan lugers.
    Back in the Paleolithic Era, there was Normie Kwong. He begat Ronnie Stewart, who retired in 1970. Then former Lions great Sean Millington materialized some 25 years later. And that’s about it.
    True, there was Orville Lee for a spell, and Neil Lumsden was a serviceable back for the Eskimos. But as far as impact players, as far as game-changers, the list of memorable Canadian backs was shorter than Muggsy Bogues.
    Then along came Harris and Calgary’s Jon Cornish. And, just like that, CFL fans had something to talk about, and they haven’t stopped talking about it since both players emerged as starters midway through the 2011 season.

    Lions to test new "D" wrinkles on Stampeders

    The Calgary Stampeders have scored nine touchdowns and racked up more than 900 yards of total offence against the B.C. Lions in their last two meetings.
    So the question put Thursday to B.C. defensive back Korey Banks seemed a fair one: Has Calgary offensive coordinator (and former B.C. quarterback) Dave Dickenson figured out the Lions’ defence?
    “Dave definitely figured out something, but I think we know what he figured out,” Banks said coyly after the Lions practised in a steady drizzle at their Surrey facility. “We put a couple of wrinkles in to see if we can match that. . .Professional football, you are supposed to adjust and it’s our opportunity to adapt and see what we can do.”

    Anatomy of a kick

    Nobody’s perfect.
    Unless your name is Rene Paredes.
    The Calgary Stampeders kicker finished the 2012 season by making his final 18 field goals — 26 if you consider he was good on all eight attempts in the post-season.
    He’s started this campaign by splitting the uprights another 18 times.
    His incredible run of 36 consecutive field goals is a CFL record. He broke B.C. Lions veteran Paul McCallum’s old mark of 30 three weeks ago in Winnipeg.
    But his next kick is always the most important one.

    Brooks gets his wish, but Johnson out

    Derrius Brooks is getting his wish.
    A week ago, the Calgary Stampeders defensive back was disappointed to be left off the 42-man roster and tweeted: “At da crib chillin...GameDay!!! Wish I was suitin up tonight!!!”
    It appears Brooks will get back on the field Saturday at B.C. Place against the Lions (7 p.m., TSN/News Talk 770), filling in for injured Brandon Smith.
    “We had a guy go down, so I’m up,” Brooks said. “I’m coming in and making sure we don’t skip a beat on defence.

    Maver lauds Paredes

    Rob Maver has figured out Rene Paredes’ secret.
    “Yeah, he’s got a horse hoof,” Maver said when asked if his stablemate with the Calgary Stampeders has found the magic elixir placekickers have been searching for for decades.
    But even Gus, Disney’s field-goal kicking mule capable of hitting 100-yarders, likely would struggle to find the level of consistency Paredes is operating at.
    “It’s incredible,” Maver said of Paredes’ CFL record streak of 36 consecutive field goals. “It’s nothing short of incredible.
    “It’s a reflection of how he prepares, both mentally and physically, his talent level and his mental discipline.


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