Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for July 16, 2015

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for July 16, 2015

    Huff post-practice comments - July 15

    Coach Hufnagel talks about the major injuries from Monday's game and the number of flags the team took.

    DelMonaco post-practice comments - July 15
    Offensive line coach Pat DelMonaco talks to the media about the injuries along his o-line.

    Player Profile: Bo Levi Mitchell
    Here's a couple things you didn't know about QB Bo Levi Mitchell.

    The Breakdown: Scoop & Pitch
    DBs Joshua Bell and Fred Bennett explain what was going through their minds during the fumble recovery and lateral that set up a touchdown.


    Celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary at McMahon Stadium on Monday night as the Stamps downed the Argos, Stacy and Gordon Price walked away celebrating much more than just victory for the home team.
    Fan Appreciation Night saw the couple win a trip for two to Vancouver to cheer on the Red and White when they face the BC Lions on Nov. 7. The lucrative package includes flights, accommodation, game tickets and food and beverages at the stadium.

    To anyone paying attention late last season, Monday night’s performance by Calgary Stampeders receiver Eric Rogers should not be a surprise.
    Building off last year’s Grey Cup win, during which he caught over 100 yards en route to victory, Rogers again found himself a popular target for Bo Levi Mitchell, racking up 114 yards on six receptions and one touchdown.
    “It was big for us to get those touchdowns in the second quarter,” says Rogers, refusing to bask in his praiseworthy stats. “We responded and the defence held (the Argonauts) to two field goals in the second half and we got the win. It was great.”

    Wide receiver Lemar Durant ready to step in for Calgary Stampeders
    The future appears to be now.
    Rookie receiver Lemar Durant spent the first three weeks of the CFL season on the sidelines.
    But after fellow Canuck Simon Charbonneau-Campeau suffered a season-ending injury on Monday night, the Calgary Stampeders second-round pick is getting the call.
    And there was no hiding his excitement.

    Garry Williams looks to make start on Calgary Stampeders offensive line
    Nobody should be questioning Dan Federkeil’s toughness.
    The Calgary Stampeders offensive tackle gritted his teeth and got through one play despite having just broken his leg.
    He tried to stay in for another play, but, after a 50-yard catch by slotback Anthony Parker, he couldn’t make it up the field.
    Garry Williams, who took starting reps at left tackle during Stampeders practice Wednesday, just shook his head.

    Cornish confident he's ready to break out
    Jon Cornish has a vested interested in the trials and tribulations of the Calgary Stampeders’ offensive line, so he’s watching the newfangled version with a keen eye.
    “I’m very proud of everybody on the offensive line,” said the Stamps’ award-winning running back after a short practice on Wednesday. “In fact, it can be said for everybody that plays for the Stampeders. We have a very much next-man-up mentality. Bo and I went down last year; we had people step up for us. Across the board, everybody has stepped up. And that’s what I look forward to seeing next week, we have a little new blood on this offensive line, I look forward to seeing what they’re capable of.”
    Working in tandem with the hogs, the guys who create the sliver that could turn into a bona fide chasm, Cornish’s stake is self-evident.

    Flag frenzy frustrating for all
    Flags are falling thicker than ticker tape during the Charles Lindbergh trans-Atlantic-crossing parade down Fifth Avenue into lower Manhattan in ’27.
    Up, according to the CFL, 32 per cent over the entirety of the 2014 season and 14 per cent over the opening three weeks of a year ago.
    “It’s tough,” admitted Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, “to get any kind of rhythm going.”
    During Monday’s Stamps-Toronto Argos fracas at McMahon Stadium, 29 aggregate infractions, 18 walked off against locals for a near-fatal 147 yards.

    Williams next man up in offensive line carousel
    With a welcoming pat on the shoulder from running back Jon Cornish during Wednesday’s practice, Garry Williams is now pumped for his first taste of CFL action.
    “It’s unfortunate how I got the job,” said Williams, “but I’m ready for it. I’ve been preparing myself since Day 1 that, if anything happened, you’re going to be up, so my mind’s right.”
    After a series of injuries in Monday night’s tilt with the Toronto Argonauts, the Calgary Stampeders’ offensive line will undergo yet another makeover in time for their game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday at McMahon Stadium.

    Bombers DB Lin-J Shell fired up about facing his old team in Calgary
    Keep your head up, Juwan Simpson.
    You too, Buddy Jackson.
    Lin-J Shell is coming for you.
    Well, maybe not, because Shell laughed when he said it, but he will be a little more fired up up to face his former team on Saturday night at McMahon Stadium. The Stampeders cut Shell at the end of training camp, ending his one year stint with the Red and White.
    “Juwan Simpson, keep your head on a swivel,” Shell said with a smile. “You know what time it is ... I want to definitely call out Buddy Jackson. I want to definitely call out Brandon Smith – Smitty Smitty. I want to call out Joshua Bell. I'm calling out everybody.”

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