Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for June 11, 2015

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for June 11, 2015

    Training camp update - Day 11

    We talk to Coach Huff, rookie receiver Lemar Durant and offensive lineman Garry Williams.

    Cornish comments - Training camp June 10
    RB Jon Cornish talks about how the team is focused on the 2015 season.

    Huff comments - Training camp June 10
    Coach Hufnagel talks to the media after Day 10 of training camp as the team prepares for their first pre-season game.

    Position Breakdown - Defensive Line
    DeVone Claybrooks fills us in on the battle for positions on his defensive line.

    Training Camp - June 10


    As each day of training camp passes and Friday’s pre-season opener at McMahon Stadium against the BC Lions looms larger, thoughts of The Year of the Horse become increasingly distant.
    “Quite honestly, nobody’s talked about Grey Cup or previously winning,” said running back Jon Cornish after Wednesday morning’s practice. “We’re all over that. This year, we’re back with the same workman attitude we’ve always had here with the Stamps and it’s just another season.

    How was your off-season as a Grey Cup Champion?
    I’ve been waiting a while. I thought it might have happened in my first year and that didn’t happen, thought it might have happened in my third year and that didn’t happen. Now we’ve finally got it but that doesn’t change anything — you still have to train hard and get ready to try and defend it.

    Simon says … he can be top-flight Canadian receiver for Calgary Stampeders
    Receivers are usually defined by their ability to either catch the football or run away from defenders once they have it.
    Simon Charbonneau-Campeau’s main calling card is something different.
    What the 6-foot-4, 211-pounder brings to the Calgary Stampeders receiving corps can be described in one word: Toughness.

    Brad Erdos centred on new duties for Calgary Stampeders
    The centre-quarterback exchange is often taken for granted and only noticed when it goes awry.
    When Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman Brad Erdos goes to work these days, it’s far from the last thing on his mind, however, as the second-year man out of Simon Fraser continues to ply his trade in the middle of the offensive line for the first time in his life.

    Davis up for Calgary Stampeders No. 3 QB job
    Last week, as Dominique Davis began his quest to win the Calgary Stampeders’ third-string quarterback job, Cam Newton was signing a massive US$103.8-million contract with the Carolina Panthers.
    Six years ago, the two quarterbacks were facing off in the NJCAA National Football Championship, each hoping a junior college (juco) foray would help resurrect careers that went off track at their first Division 1 football stops.

    Stamps' star kicker aiming to rebound from last year
    As salves go, this seemed perfect — championship as cure-all.
    Because, surely, the Canadian Football League’s shiniest prize would go a long way toward healing all wounds.
    At least that had been the reasonable assumption.
    But no.
    “I thought winning the Grey Cup was going to make everything go away,” said Rene Paredes, “but it didn’t.”

    Stamps' Cote enjoying distraction-free camp this year
    Camp’s drudgery is no secret. Everyone knows it.
    The two-a-days. The meetings. The video. The playbook. The pressure.
    The grind.
    “It’s such a beast, it’s hard to mentally look forward to it,” Rob Cote, fullback of the Calgary Stampeders, said after Wednesday morning’s session at McMahon Stadium.
    Yet some years manage to be worse than others. Somehow.

    Competition for his job has increased, but Chevrier remains focused only on snapping strikes
    The year is 2001. Having just been released by the Dallas Cowboys and signed by Cincinnati, Randy Chevrier, 25 at the time, remembers sitting in a film room with Bengals’ special teams coach Al Roberts.
    “My first week there,’’ he says. “I was pretty nervous. Just cut by Dallas. McGill kid playing in the NFL. It all seemed to be coming down on top of me.

    CFL and CFLPA respond to drug policy criticisms, but changes may be needed
    The CFL has been under fire this week for its drug policy, with Christiane Ayotte publicly bashing the league and telling CBC her lab won't test CFL samples going forward. Ayotte is the director of the Montreal-based INRS-Insitut Armand-Frappier Research Centre, the only permanent lab in Canada accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. WADA itself weighed in Wednesday, saying in a statement that the CFL has "room for improvement" and that they've reached out to the league to have a meeting about the drug policy. The CFL and the CFLPA responded with a joint statement from CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge and CFLPA president Scott Flory Wednesday night, saying they believe the current policy is largely fair.

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