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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for November 15, 2013

    One-on-one with John Hufnagel
    With the Western Final just days away, Grant Pollock found a few minutes to sit down and talk football with the man in charge of the stamps, head coach and general manager John Hufnagel.

    Lewis back on the practice field
    The Stampeders had a familiar face back at practice today as veteran receiver Nik Lewis was cleared for indivdual drills for the first time since suffering a broken ankle in Week 8.

    WF: Riders Not Focused on Past vs. Stamps
    Last year's crushing defeat to the Calgary Stampeders is all in the past for the Roughriders as they look to get the better of their western rivals in Sunday's Final.

    Projected Stamps depth chart for West Final

    Sunday’s Western Final against the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be somewhat of a first for Stampeders receiver Anthony Parker as he prepares for what would be his initial playoff game action as a professional.
    But Parker feels a sense of déjà-vu playing at McMahon Stadium, where he’s starred in many big games for the University of Calgary Dinos.

    Stephen: Forecast should be least of Stamps' concerns
    Is there any chance the CFL could move the Western Final up to Friday afternoon? Probably not, but given the fact that Calgary’s fickle weather is about to strike, it might not be a bad idea.
    The Stampeders have practiced in sunny, above-normal temperatures in the week leading up to Sunday’s game, but snow and much cooler temperatures are in the works for the weekend.
    The conditions will be nothing like the cruel weather that was present during the 2010 Division Final, but they will still be a factor in the game.

    Calgary Stampeders: Larry Taylor still tearing it up
    Is it possible to quietly have an all-star season?
    It seems Larry Taylor has done just that.
    The Calgary Stampeders kick returner didn’t have a lot of huge returns, but special teams coach Mark Kilam said Taylor is as valuable and dangerous as he’s ever been.
    “What did he finish – third in combined yards?” Kilam said. “That’s not real quiet.”

    Stampeders-Roughriders West final features two top running backs
    Kory Sheets versus Jon Cornish.
    As if the West Division final needed any more drama than a trip to the 101st Grey Cup being on the line, it will also pit the league's two best running backs against one another.
    Even if Sheets, Saskatchewan's starting tailback, hadn't proclaimed during the season that he was the better ball carrier, Sunday's Roughriders-Calgary Stampeders matchup still would be worth watching. CFL statistician Steve Daniel pored over the numbers, and found that Cornish and Sheets this

    Calgary Stampeders: Darian Durant's running-game no new development
    Darian Durant’s ability to run the ball is not a revelation.
    The Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback has been one of the CFL’s most elusive pivots over his eight-year career.
    So Calgary Stampeders linebacker Deron Mayo said he didn’t need to see the impressive footage from last weekend’s West semifinal to know what Durant is capable of.

    Calgary Stampeders: Juwan Simpson not worried about injuries
    Juwan Simpson owns the middle of the Calgary Stampeders defence.
    There’s no doubt.
    But how difficult the all-star middle linebacker’s job is on any given week starts up front, and even with an injury-ravaged defensive tackle rotation heading into Sunday’s West Final clash at McMahon Stadium with the Saskatchewan Roughriders (2:30 p.m., TSN, News Talk 770), he’s more than confident.

    Calgary Stampeders: Hufnagel not committed to Lewis return
    For the first time in almost three months Nik Lewis and John Hufnagel were on the same field Thursday.
    They don’t seem to be on the same page, though.
    While Lewis was full of excitement that he’d been cleared by doctors to start practicing individually again, the coach seemed surprised he was even being asked if there was any chance his star slotback would start in Sunday’s West final.

    Calgary Stampeders: Penalties, turnovers likely to decide West Division final
    It’s an easy equation.
    When you’re trying to score more points than the other team, you don’t help them along.
    Don’t hand them the football via turnovers, and don’t offer to move the chains with a parade of flags.
    Easier said than done sometimes, especially when emotions are running high.

    Nik Lewis makes a surprising return to Stampeders practice
    A smiling Nik Lewis held court with reporters Thursday morning after his first practice in nearly three months with the Calgary Stampeders.
    “I heal like a lizard,” he cracked. “You know, I really believe that I’m almost human.”
    Human or reptilian, the 31-year-old slotback snapped his left fibula like a stick of raw spaghetti on Aug. 17 in a road game against the B.C. Lions. He later underwent surgery to repair the break and torn ligaments in his ankle.

    Stamps downplay depleted defensive line, but how fill-ins play figures to have a major impact
    DeVone Claybrooks confesses to be more of a Darius Rucker, regular rock type guy. His tastes don’t delve so much into the alternative stuff.
    Even if, for this Sunday only, he’ll be a big alternative fan:
    Freddie Bishop, Junior Turner and Etienne Legare. The new defensive-interior boy band.
    The Replacements.

    Stamps notes: Club’s 14-4 record meaningless without playoff success, says Simpson
    Juwan Simpson is not about to pop the cork off a champagne bottle to celebrate the Calgary Stampeders finishing in top spot in the West Division with a glittering record of 14-4.
    In the eyes of the all-star middle linebacker, all that is just depressing should the Stamps fall to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Sunday’s West Division Final at McMahon Stadium.

    Foley: ‘combustible’ atmosphere for West final
    Saskatchewan Roughrider defensive end Ricky Foley has been here before — staring down a tough team in a division final, with the possibility of playing in the Grey Cup on home turf on the line.
    The Riders will play the Stampeders in Calgary in the CFL West Division final on Sunday, with the winner heading to Regina for the Nov. 24 Grey Cup.
    Foley was with the Toronto Argonauts last season when they won the Grey Cup at home. But first, the Argos had to get past their arch rival Alouettes in Montreal in the CFL East Division final.

    As it should be, No. 15 in the No. 1 spot for the Calgary Stampeders when they host the Saskatchewan Roughriders at McMahon Stadium Sunday in the Western Final.
    Head Coach John Hufnagel says he looked at Kevin Glenn's body of work over the course of the season where the 13-year-veteran went 10-3 as a starter before deciding on him as the starter.
    Well coach Huff is not going to get an argument from me. I wrote several weeks ago that he needed to make that statement. I felt at the time that over the course Kevin's natural progression, and the way he seamlessly led the team up to that point, it was necessary for the annotation, so to speak!

    Clearing the air: Sheets has nothing to prove vs. Cornish
    Kory Sheets believes enough is enough.
    Heading into Sunday’s Western Final against the Calgary Stampeders, the shifty Roughriders running back is looking to set the record straight with regards to his so-called rivalry with Jon Cornish.
    “That’s an individual thing, and right now, it’s not about individuals, it’s all about the team winning,” Sheets said after practice on Wednesday.
    “Right now, it’s all about getting to the Grey Cup and winning it.”
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    Outstanding coverage yet again, Madman! :D

    Let me add one more, courtesy of Malcolm Kelly with the CBC:

    CFL WF: Stampeders should silence Roughriders

    By the time Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Corey Chamblin told his players to put a cork in it when it came to trash talking the Calgary Stampeders, the White Stallion was already long out of the barn and galloping through the Heartland to the Fleming ranch (I should be paid extra for these CBC promo things).
    The host Calgary Stampeders (14-4) will defeat the Saskatchewan Roughriders (11-7) in Sunday's West Division final at McMahon Stadium and advance to the 101st Grey Cup

    And, on behalf of Stampeders fans, thanks for the vote of confidence, Malcolm! ;)


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