Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for November 3, 2015

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for November 3, 2015

    Sights & Sounds - Oct. 31

    See what the Stamps Halloween win was like from the sidelines.

    Fans decked out for Halloween
    We asked Stamps fans to dress up in costumes for our Halloween game and they didn't disappoint!


    It had been a while — since August of 2014 in Ottawa, to be exact — since Joe West had broken the 100-yard receiving mark but the timing for a return to top form may have been perfect.
    With one more game to go in the Calgary Stampeders’ regular season, the time for fine-tuning game plan and building chemistry is at an end. When the playoffs begin, teams that taste success are those who are usually firing on all cylinders.
    “We’ve got some new guys that we’ve implemented into our offence,” says West, speaking of recently acquired Canadian running back Jerome Messam. “It’s been great to see that everybody comes in and we embrace the fact that we need to execute.

    Calgary Stampeders may soon see if Jerome Messam & Jon Cornish can peacefully co-exist
    Jerome Messam was brought in to keep the Calgary Stampeders ground game from being grounded.
    With star running back Jon Cornish on the shelf as he goes through concussion protocol, Stamps GM/head coach John Hufnagel traded for Messam at the CFL trade deadline.
    And if the first game is any indication, the big guy is fitting in just fine.
    But what if Cornish gets healthy and makes it back onto the field during the playoffs?
    Is there room for two guys who are used to being the featured back?
    "I think so," Messam said. "I think the coaches would have to do a good job of scheming for the both of us.

    Stamps notes: Charbonneau-Campeau holding out hope for comeback
    As a CFL receiver, Simon Charbonneau-Campeau is used to the odd race.
    Harder to beat than a speedy defensive back though: The race against time.
    After suffering a broken leg during a win over Toronto Argonauts on July 13, it was believed Charbonneau-Campeau’s season was over.
    The good thing about the regular season is it lasts through three actual seasons, starting in spring, filling out the summer and finishing in the fall.

    Stamps defender ready to face demons at BC Place
    If Micah Johnson decided he wanted to skip this weekend’s trip to Vancouver, you could hardly blame him.
    The ugly memories of his last game there are still fresh, even if it was two years ago.
    In the finale of the 2013 season, the Calgary Stampeders defensive lineman was a rising star, putting together a great season with a team already secured of first spot in the West Division.
    It was a nothing game, but disaster struck. A torn ACL. Suddenly out for the playoffs, Johnson also faced a long rehab process throughout the off-season.

    My votes
    It’s that time of year, where team level nominations for various CFL categories must be submitted. Here are mine and, yes, there were some tough ones this year.
    M-O-P ….. Cue the howls. I have chosen quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell ahead of Eric Rogers and Marquay McDaniel. It is the old argument about a productive receiver vs the guy who gets him the ball. The defining note for me was the Stampeders win-loss record. No one has won more games than the Stampeders and a big part of that is their low turnover numbers. Mitchell has done a great job protecting the football. Only one player can be at the top of the ballot. There are many very, very close, however.

    Stampeders Awards – Most Outstanding Lineman
    Heading into the CFL season, Stampeder fans knew the offensive line was going to be a work in progress! The CFL’s best offensive lineman Brett Jones bolted for the NFL in the off season and Stanley Bryant sold his sole to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers through free agency! To make matter worse for the Stampeders, injuries forced 9 different starters on the line this season.
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    From what I've seen of him following the trade, Messam appears to me to be ill-at-ease with his rights having been swapped to the Stampeders, and I wouldn't be surprised after this season to see him re-sign with the Roughriders.

    I guess anything can happen, and if he should win a Grey Cup in Calgary, and particularly if Cornish can't come back for next season, things may change.

    But unless both of those things happen, I'm not sure he's comfortable enough in Calgary to want to stay with the club.

    He's supposed to be a professional, but until his trade, he's spent all of his career cultivating a real dislike (and battling very hard) against his new team-mates, and maybe, for him, he's finding "old habits" are just very hard to break.

    But, again, winning can serve to break old habits, too, so lets hope while he's in Calgary he gets a chance to do that.

    And just maybe, in the bargain, also get accustomed enough to wearing Red and White that he wants to stay garbed in those colours...;)

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    In addition to injuries,it seems that the stamps are running out of gas.

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