News Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for October 18, 2013

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for October 18, 2013

    Phillips joins the century club
    Justin Phillips will play in his 100th CFL game on Friday against the Eskimos.

    Quick 6
    Jabari, Maurice and Marquay are featured in this week's Quick 6.

    This Friday at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium, Stamps linebacker Justin Phillips will play his 100th game in the CFL, all of them with the Calgary Stampeders.
    It’s a milestone Phillips looks forward to and appreciates, not just for the number, but because of the significance behind the milestone.
    Playing 100 games in a physical game such as football takes durability, perseverance and endurance.

    Calgary Stampeders' Jon Cornish finds motivation on Twitter
    When the bear is having a nap, it might be smart to tiptoe past as quietly as possible.
    Or ... pick up a stick and start poking.
    Rennie Curran apparently went for Option B.
    The Edmonton Eskimos linebacker is faced with a tough challenge this week as he attempts to shut down Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish.

    Calgary Stampeders Notes: Still a battle
    This is the most lopsided Battle of Alberta in the history of the CFL.
    The Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos have never met when separated by nine games in the standings.
    That will be the case Friday when the Stamps (12-3) visit the Esks (3-12) at Commonwealth Stadium (7 p.m., TSN/News Talk 770).
    But Eskimos receiver Nate Coehoorn, a Calgary Dinos grad, said the records go out the window when the longtime rivals meet on the gridiron.

    Mike Reilly facing sack-happy Calgary Stampeders
    If anyone deserves a day off, it’s Mike Reilly.
    The Edmonton Eskimos quarterback has absorbed an inhumane amount of shots this season.
    And it’s only gotten worse in recent weeks, as he’s been on the receiving end of more than a few helmet-crunchers that have drawn flags.
    Fifteen yards is all well and good.
    But Reilly represents the future of the Eskimos.

    Eskimos teammates Calvin McCarty and Mike Reilly familiar with rivalries, look to beat Stampeders
    There’s an old saying in football that it doesn’t matter how bad a season gets, as long as your team beats its rival.
    Unfortunately, the Edmonton Eskimos are pushing that theory to the limit in a 3-12 season, as they head into their last home game of 2013 in Friday’s third-and-final Battle of Alberta.
    Already eliminated from playoff contention, the Eskimos are 0-2 in the season series against the Calgary Stampeders, while Friday (7 p.m., TSN, 630 CHED) is their last chance to salvage something from this once historic provincial rivalry.

    Stamps notes: Cornish takes high road in responding to brash Kory Sheets
    Calgary Stampeders tailback Jon Cornish owns a smartphone and a computer, so he’s aware of the rumblings out of Regina emanating from the mouth of Kory Sheets.
    Last week, Sheets pronounced himself the best running back in the land as the CFL rushing title comes down to the wire.
    With three games remaining on the docket, Cornish holds a 137-yard lead on his Saskatchewan counterpart. In 14 starts, Cornish has carried the ball 215 times for 1,545 yards and 11 touchdowns, In 13 starts, Sheets sits at 251 carries for 1,408 yards and 11 touchdowns.

    Stamps rookie Brett Jones has been a revelation, could be top freshman in the CFL
    John Hufnagel suffered zero in the way of gambler’s regret upon selecting Brett Jones in the second-round of the 2013 Canadian Football League Draft.
    Sure, Jones had already submitted his application to the University of Saskatchewan medical school. And sure, Jones ranked saving lives a higher priority than playing football.
    (Hard to argue with that logic.)

    Cornish likes donairs
    The Stamps might want to invest in a good donair shop.
    Or schedule interviews a little further away from lunch.
    Given the opportunity to talk about why he has owned Commonwealth Stadium, Stamps running back Jon Cornish was clearly pre-occupied.
    “Well, one of my favourite parts about coming to Edmonton is Queen Donairs,” Cornish said. “A lot of the guys on the team claim it’s the best donair in Canada. And I happen to agree with them.

    Eskimos in tough at home to Stampeders
    Mike Reilly has been one of the few positives in what is one of the worst seasons in Edmonton Eskimos history, yet the 27-year-old says the team's final three games are crucial for future of the franchise, the team and for himself.
    With games remaining against three western rivals, beginning Friday evening at home against the Calgary Stampeders, the Eskimos designated quarterback of the future says it's critical the team does not "roll over and die."

    Stephen: Stage is set for the Stampeders
    The stage is set, the script is in hand.
    Now all the Calgary Stampeders have to do is perform under the bright Friday night lights.
    By the end of this weekend, the Stampeders could very well see the coveted 'Y' next to their names in the standings - signifying that they've clinched the division - which means they'd also be given a bye to the Division title game on Nov. 17.
    That scenario could unfold if the Stamps beat Edmonton and the BC Lions win their game in Saskatchewan on Saturday.
    But for now, the Stampeders will attempt to avoid schedule and scoreboard watching. If there is one area the Stamps have excelled in this year, it's maintaining their focus to the task at hand.

    Why Jon Cornish should win the Lou Marsh Trophy
    It was early in the second quarter of the Lions vs. Stampeders game when I started to wonder: Why shouldn't Jon Cornish get some serious consideration for the Lou Marsh Award? Heck why shouldn’t he win it outright?
    There were two plays that really caught my eye: The first was an 18-yard run, while the second was a short toss from Kevin Glenn that turned into a 25-yard gain. Those two displays were all you needed to know about Cornish's abilities.
    Whether it's correctly reading the blocking on the fly and picking the right holes, making linebackers look foolish or outrunning safeties, Cornish has done it all this year.
    I understand we are two months away, but isn't this one of the sports debates we love having in Canada?

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