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    While Madman's still in recovery mode, I'll do another one...

    Legare's now on the 'inside looking out'

    EDMONTON - If Etienne Legare had any hard feelings for the Edmonton Eskimos on his way out the door in the off-season, they turned into appreciation when he came back in last Friday.
    After all, had the six-foot-three, 275-pound defensive tackle not been traded to the rival Calgary Stampeders, he would be on the outside of the playoff bubble looking in, instead of sitting atop the standings with a home playoff date already secured.
    His Stampeders guaranteed their fans a post-season game at McMahon Stadium with a 27-13 over his former teammates in his first visit back to Commonwealth Stadium last Friday, improving their league-best record to 13-3.

    Armstrong may finally get Stamps debut

    Spencer Armstrong has been waiting a long time for this.

    No, really. a loooong time.
    The Canadian receiver is preparing for his CFL debut this weekend more than four years after being drafted by the Calgary Stampeders.
    With Brad Sinopoli ruled out indefinitely with a concussion, Armstrong is ready to step in.
    “Thrilled,” he said in summing up his opportunity.
    “It wasn’t what I expected when I got up here, but I’ve been out of the game for four years (fulfilling a commitment to the Air Force).

    From one Stamps icon to another

    Jon Cornish and Willie Burden are complete strangers.

    They've never met, never talked.
    Never even seen each other play.
    But they're on a collision course when it comes to the Calgary Stampeders record book.
    Burden said he was unaware Cornish was hunting down his franchise mark for rushing yards in a single season (1,896 in 1975).
    "I meant to go take a look and see what was happening when I got your message," Burden said Tuesday from Georgia. "But if you'd bring me up to date, I'd appreciate it."
    When told Cornish is 207 yards away from his mark, Burden said he's pretty sure he'll be bumped down to No. 2 on the list by the end of the season.

    Hufnagel recalls Burden 'back in the day'

    Willie Burden obviously had good hands.

    And he used them for more than just catching footballs.
    Calgary Stampeders GM/head coach John Hufnagel, who was Burden's teammate in the late 1970s, said Burden was a talented man.
    "He was a pretty good artist," Hufnagel said. "He used to do caricatures on the blackboard -- back then it was blackboards with chalk -- and he'd make fun of a different player every day with a caricature."
    Burden roared with laughter when told of Hufnagel's compliment.
    "We used to have a lot of fun in the locker-room," Burden said. "There were times when I'd get on the blackboard and drew something up other than football plays.

    Cornish continues to pile up accolades

    Just as it was with Calgary’s mayoral race, so it seems to be with the weekly awarding of top Canadian honours in the CFL — a given.
    For the third consecutive week and the sixth time this season, running back Jon Cornish was handed that reward by the league. The Calgary Stampeder rushed for 145 yards on 19 carries and had a catch for 12 yards in the Stamps’ 27-13 victory over Edmonton on Friday night.

    Fraser settles at safety

    CALGARY — He’s the last line of defence, literally, on the football field, which would make anyone stress out just a bit. But there’s an even-natured quality about Eric Fraser that makes him perfectly suited for the position of safety … not to mention the talent.
    “He’s done a great job, he’s always done a great job,” maintained Tony Missick, the Calgary Stampeders’ defensive backs coach. “He reads the offence exactly how I would read it if I was out there. Just like a quarterback on the offensive side, he’s our quarterback defensively. Smart player, knows when to jump down, knows when to take those chances when it wouldn’t hurt us. He’s definitely been a plus. From last year, he’s shown an improvement and he’s still growing.”
    This season alone, Fraser’s progression has been palpable. In Friday night’s tilt against Edmonton, he had one of his better outings, posting four tackles, a sack and an interception. All in all, a pretty satisfying night on the job.

    And that's all, folks! ;)

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    Late addition to this morning's edition, courtesy George Johnson of the Calgary Herald:

    McDaniel chases milestone

    Only a number, yes. But also validation, a professional benchmark.

    “That number,” acknowledges Marquay McDaniel, “is what’s everybody’s goal is coming into any season. To be a 1,000-yard receiver. That’s what you want your reputation to be. That’s the way you want to be thought of. That’s what you’re shooting for every year when you come to camp. Those 1,000 yards.

    “In this league, where teams throw a lot, it’s pretty easy to get 1,000.” McDaniel stops haltingly, starts back-pedalling faster than Mike Reilly in the face of a full-bore, bring-the-house blitz. “Well, not . . . easy, exactly. But you should. Let’s just say there’s a lot of opportunities to do it.

    “And coming so close before . . .”


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