Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for October 26, 2015

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for October 26, 2015

    100 wins later, Hufnagel has changed the CFL

    I don't know. You'd think that when a guy wins his 100th game as a head coach in the CFL, the men who've gotten there before him would send him a nice gift or something.
    Nine coaches had reached the century milestone before Calgary's John Hufnagel made it an even 10 when his Stampeders defeated the Toronto Argonauts, 27-15, in Week 17. That's an exclusive little club they've got going there, very difficult to get into. If there are no actual gifts coming from some of his compatriots in that clubhouse, Hufnagel can at least bank on hearty congratulations and lots of verbal slaps on the back in the wake of his earning the right to learn the secret handshake.

    Yeah, that's it for today. :coldfeet: Bye-weeks are a killer on Stamps news.

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