Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for October 9, 2015

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for October 9, 2015

    Huff post-practice comments - Oct. 8

    Coach Hufnagel talks about Saturday's game and gives an injury update.

    Brown vs Richards Showdown
    Is McMahon Stadium big enough for both Tim Brown and Randy Richards?

    Bo Levi's QB Tips #2
    As part of his QB Club, Bo Levi Mitchell is giving out quarterback tips. Here's Tip #2.

    Chevy in the Locker Room - Pink
    Randy Chevrier takes you behind-the-scenes of his #PinkPower social media campaign.

    Calgary Stampeders' Quinn Smith joins offensive line late

    Quinn Smith feels like he showed up late for class.
    Real late.
    Not like 10 minutes.
    More like 10 weeks.
    The versatile Calgary Stampeders sophomore spent the first 10 weeks of the season trying to cave in the opposition’s pocket.
    He’s spent the past three weeks trying to learn how to protect the one belonging to the Red & White.
    “It’s almost like starting a class halfway through a semester,” Smith said of his late start.
    “But I’ve got some great teachers, I guess you could say. And the whole classroom is helping me out as much as they can.”

    Calgary Stampeders QB Bo Levi Mitchell coming off busy week
    They call it ‘Texas’ Hold ’em for a reason.
    And Texan Bo Levi Mitchell is pretty good.
    He might have the skills to pursue a professional poker career.
    But he doesn’t have the bankroll to prove it.
    The Calgary Stampeders quarterback won chuckwagon driver Mark Sutherland’s fourth annual Texas Hold ’Em Invitational this week at Cowboys.
    It was probably a decent windfall but Mitchell, the last one standing out of 240 competitors, threw the money back in the pot.
    “Once I won, they came to give me the envelope and I just said to give it back,” Mitchell said. “It’s a charity event, so I’m not trying to make money out there.”

    Chris Borland and the Calgary Stampeders' Cameron Ontko take different paths
    As Cameron Ontko was preparing to put on a show for NFL scouts earlier this year, he sought advice from a former college teammate about what he needed to do to make the transition to the professional football ranks.
    Little did he know Chris Borland was about to shock the football world and walk away from the game — and his starting linebacker job with the San Francisco 49ers — after just one season, citing concerns over head injuries as the reason he decided to call it a career at the age of 24.
    “I have a lot of respect for that guy,” said Ontko, who was signed to the Calgary Stampeders practice roster a month ago. “He’s a very smart guy and everything he does, it’s very well thought out. I respect that and I understand where he’s coming from. I think he’s doing things right now that are going to make the future a better place to play this game.”

    Stamps' defence unperturbed with challenge posed by Reilly's Eskimos
    The last meeting between provincial rivals didn’t go as the Calgary Stampeders had planned, due in large part to a handful of large plays by the Edmonton Eskimos’ offence.
    Hair-tearing stuff for defensive co-ordinator Rich Stubler?
    “Not really,” noted Stubler, whose squad was on the losing end of a rain-soaked 27-16 decision on Sept. 12 in Edmonton. “He (Mike Reilly) laid some passes in, the next week he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. He had a great game against us; we had them covered, he threw it to them and they caught it.
    “From my standpoint, I don’t worry about stuff like that because if you take part of your game and try to change it for someone you’re playing, then you’re not very good. We do what we do.”

    Stamps' notebook: McDaniel leads in crucial categories
    You’re looking at second down and hefty yardage. Who you gonna call?
    Must be Marquay McDaniel.
    The veteran Calgary Stampeder slotback is the CFL leader among receivers in that department, while also among the tops in receiver reception percentage (69 of 88, 78.4) and yards after catch.
    “I don’t really look at stats too much,” McDaniel admitted, “but one I would look at is that second-down conversion. When we get ourselves in second-and-long, it’s easy for me to find holes in the zones. Just being on the same page with Bo (quarterback Mitchell) helps a lot with that. They trust me on second down knowing I’m capable of doing it and that I’ll be where I’m supposed to be. Being the vet of the group, you definitely want that on your shoulders. We need a play, let’s go ahead and come to me and let me make that play.”

    Who has the edge in the Battle of Alberta?
    The time is now to determine who is the best in the West … for now.
    Every time they play, the Edmonton Eskimos vs. the Calgary Stampeders has been the game to watch over the last two seasons.
    The road to the Grey Cup in the West Division will go through Alberta once again and the winner on Saturday will have a huge advantage with only three games remaining afterwards.
    The winner gets the season series and the tiebreaker to determine who will host the Western Final.

    Huge Game….but!
    It’s a regular season Battle of Alberta with first place on the line! Home field advantage will be huge for the team that hosts the Western Final.
    So why are both starting quarterbacks downplaying the importance of this showdown on Saturday?
    “It’s an important game,” admits Bo Levi Mitchell “first place is on the line, but it’s not the final say! It’s not any more important than the next one coming up.”
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    Big game IN OUR HOUSE Saturday!!! GO STAMPS GO!!!!!!!!
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    And I'll be there with fellow site member Doogie58 cheerin' on the Stampeders (provided I can manage to get on the highway from Edmonton tomorrow and down there in time)!

    And I think I can! ;)

    Go Stamps Go!

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    This is the game I have circled since the schedule came out. Much anticipation, hopefully there will be no disapoinment.
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    tomorrow is it. D-Day in Calgary. Only one can walk away the winner.

    Keep your fingers crossed stamps fans. by the way here's some uniform art
    for all of you uniform junkies out there.

    Calgary Stampeders black .gif
    "black out" uniform
    Calgary Stampeders pink october.gif
    "pink pony" uniform

    Not my artwork. i just added the colors.
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