Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for September 10, 2014

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for September 10, 2014

    Stampeders Respond To Watkins Slur

    After the Eskimos Patrick Watkins apologized for a slur he directed at Bo Levi Mitchell during Saturday's game, the Stampeders responded on Tuesday.

    Mitchell Addresses Watkins' Slur
    After Patrick Watkins apologized for his insensitive remarks towards Bo Levi Mitchell, the Stampeders quarterback responded on Tuesday.

    Cornish, Mitchell Feel For Fallen Stars
    Stampeders running back Jon Cornish and Bo Levi Mitchell discuss the devastating injuries to QB's Travis Lulay and Darian Durant.

    Post-practice comments: Coach Huff
    Coach Hufnagel talks about the weather and gives some injury updates.

    Post-practice comments: Mitchell
    QB Bo Levi Mitchell talks about Pat Watkin's apology and how he feels after 10 starts this season.

    Post-practice comments: Cornish
    Cornish talks about his he sets short-term goals and about the injuries to quarterbacks Travis Lulay and Darian Durant.

    Getting ready for the game
    Here's a behind-the-scenes look at what happens leading up to a game.

    The Breakdown: First CFL TD
    Simon Charbonneau-Campeau breaks down his first CFL touchdown.

    Cornish highlights from Week 11
    Cornish was named CFL's Canadian player of the week for his performance in the Labour Day Rematch. Here are some of his highlights.

    Sights and sounds Sept. 6, 2014
    Get a inside look at what it was like in the locker room and on the bench during the Labour Day Rematch in Edmonton.

    Hawaiian Stampeder Feels 'Like a Kid' at Snowy Practice
    The Calgary Stampeders practised Tuesday in an early dusting of snow that hit southern Alberta. The team's Hawaiian quarterback,
    Bryant Moniz, says he was "excited" by his first experience with snowfall.


    You may have heard by now that there has been a slight imbalance this season between the two divisions in the Canadian Football League.
    From a pure numbers standpoint, the story goes like this:
    West teams have a staggering 24-3 edge in head-to-head action against the East
    The West-leading Stamps have as many wins (nine) as all four East teams combined
    The last-place team in the West has twice as many points as the East Division co-leaders
    The four highest-scoring teams in the CFL and five of the top six play in the West
    The five best defences in the CFL from a statistical perspective are all in the West

    Calgary Stampeders' Jon Cornish carries perfect player-of-the-week record after playing Edmonton, thanks to ... donairs?
    There’s a restaurant in Edmonton that the Eskimos might want to consider purchasing.
    Then they could lock the doors every time the Calgary Stampeders come to town.
    Stamps running back Jon Cornish has dominated the Esks at Commonwealth Stadium over the past few CFL seasons and credits his pre-game meal for his success.

    Bo Levi Mitchell shakes off slur, Jon Cornish weighs in for Calgary Stampeders
    Bo Levi Mitchell isn’t worried about last week.
    He has bigger fish to fry.
    Edmonton Eskimos defensive back Patrick Watkins and the gay slur he directed at Mitchell last weekend is just that: Last week’s news.
    Sp the Calgary Stampeders quarterback has his sights set on the Toronto Argonauts, who will visit McMahon Stadium on Saturday (5 p.m., TSN/News Talk 770).

    Calgary Stampeders notebook -- Sight of snow lights up quarterback Bryant Moniz
    Monday’s snowfall had many Calgarians cursing.
    Calgary Stampeders third-string rookie quarterback Bryant Moniz wasn’t one of them.
    Born and raised in Hawaii, Moniz reacted to the summer snowstorm with more wonderment than resentment.
    “I’ve seen snow — I’ve been snowboarding before,” Moniz said. “But I’ve never seen snow fall. So that was definitely a new experience.

    Cornish closing fast in CFL rushing title race
    Ol’ Satch, legendary right-hander Leroy Robert Paige, offered a bit of homespun advice over six decades ago that’s every iota as true today as it was back then:
    “Don’t look back. Something may be gaining on you.”
    Or someone. Cornish closing fast/10189230/story.html

    Stamps notes: Players sympathetic for rivals after losses of Lulay, Durant
    For 60 minutes between a series of white lines painted on a plastic carpet, they’re rivals, pitted against one another for high stakes.
    They’re also lodge brothers, susceptible to the same frailties, the same dangers. And in that, develop a unique bond.
    Both B.C.’s Travis Lulay and Saskatchewan’s Darian Durant were injured in games this week, robbing the CFL of two of its marquee names. Stampeders notes Players/10189449/story.html
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    Well here is my take on their response to the apology by Watkins. I am sure many may not agree with me but this is how I feel.

    Well I am a bit dismayed (pissed) at Cornish and BLM for their reaction yesterday after Watkins apologized. First these two players must over the many years they played college ball and now pro have heard everything on the football field. But their reaction after the fact of the apology pisses me off. This whole thing is way over blown and their reaction makes this whole thing a political correct BS. Screw political correctness. The point is football is played on the field the players always yap at each other and always has but to stand in front of mike after an apology and cry like whiney babies pisses me off. Cornish and BLM need to grow some balls! This is football not a university library! I hate political correctness as it is a censorship of freedom of speech. Very very disappointed in these two players.

    Cornish and BLM stick to doing what you do best playing football keep the politics out of the game.

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