Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for September 12, 2015

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    Calgary Stampeders News Roundup for September 12, 2015

    Madani: Don't expect rumours to die down

    Earlier this week the rumour of current Stampeders GM and head coach John Hufnagel heading east to Saskatchewan after the 2015 season to join the Riders seemed to be picking up some momentum and Sportsnet's Arash Madani tells us these rumblings won't be going away any time soon.

    Labour Day Classic time lapse

    A time lapse of McMahon Stadium during Monday's Labour Day Classic.

    BATL Grounds with the QBs
    Quarterbacks Bo Levi Mitchell and Bryant Moniz do a little axe throwing at BATL Grounds.

    Calgary Stampeders veteran Randy Chevrier knows anything can happen on Labour Day Replay

    The Labour Day Replay is a big deal.
    Win or lose on Labour Day, the Edmonton Eskimos want to perform well in front of their home crowd.
    That hasn’t happened recently.
    The Calgary Stampeders have spoiled the homecoming party for the past eight years.

    Stampeders face reinvigorated Eskimos with Mike Reilly back at controls
    Mike Reilly is not the Messiah.
    And he doesn’t feel that he needs to be able to walk on water.
    The Edmonton Eskimos quarterback does need to be light on his feet, however.
    His ability to scramble his way out of a mess and turn a loss into positive yardage is what sets him apart from most CFL quarterbacks.

    Calgary Stampeders at Edmonton Eskimos: 5 Key Battles
    How can you not love Labour Day week?
    It’s that special time of year that highlights the CFL’s top rivalries across the country (well, except for you, B.C./Montreal).
    None is more bitter than the Battle of Alberta.

    Eskimos’ Lacey promises more trash-talk of Stampeders ahead of Labour Day Replay
    Bo Levi Mitchell may want to invest in a pair of earmuffs.
    And it has nothing to do with the temperature.
    Edmonton Eskimos special-teams ace Deon Lacey attracted attention from coast to coast when he trash-talked Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell during the CFL pre-game coin toss on Labour Day at McMahon Stadium.

    Reilly plans to be big boost to Eskimos' hopes in rematch
    Mike Reilly has a lot of respect for Bo Levi Mitchell, but he respects the team concept even more.
    “Bo Levi and the rest of his teammates have been winning,” the Edmonton Eskimos’ quarterback said. “To me, he’s a great quarterback, they’re a great football team. I think one of the silliest things in sports is they talk about quarterbacks and how many wins they have. I’m sure there’s wide receivers, offensive linemen that have 24 wins and three losses or something like that.
    “The reality is he’s done a great job of leading his team. It’s a team sport so you’re not out there winning it by yourself, you’re not out there losing it by yourself. You have to get everyone to buy in and that’s what makes them such a good team and so difficult to beat. They all work together as one and I think that’s the key, to be quite honest.”

    Stamps and Eskimos ramp up hype for rematch
    You wouldn’t think a pre-game coin toss would elicit such to-do, but such is the case.
    After the antics of Edmonton special teams’ ace Deon Lacey — he of the no-handshake stare-down of Calgary quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, which then prompted a remark by fullback Rob Cote that warranted a fine — who knows what we’ll see next.
    And that was a hot topic of discussion on Friday at Commonwealth Stadium, the day before the Stamps-Esks’ anticipated rematch.

    Chillin' with Calgary Stampeders WR Eric Rogers
    After spending 2014 on the CFL team's practice roster: "Now that I have that opportunity, I'm running with it."
    Calgary Stampeders wide receiver Eric Rogers has been dominating the CFL in almost all receiving categories this season, after spending much of the 2014 season on the Stampeders practice roster.
    Proving himself as a star on the field in the 2014 Grey Cup Championship game, Rogers has now become the favourite target for quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell. Now he talks with Metro about his new stardom, life back home in California and his biggest supporter.

    Five things to watch in Saturday's Eskimos-Stampeders rematch
    Mike Reilly is back and Matt O’Donnell has returned from the NFL, but it’s not all good news on the Edmonton Eskimos’ injury front. That’s what headlines five things to watch for ahead of Saturday’s Labour Day rematch at Commonwealth Stadium.

    Mike Reilly back as starter for Eskimos
    The Calgary Stampeders got a sampling of a healthy Mike Reilly in their Labour Day win over the Edmonton Eskimos. The Stampeders will get the full-on effect in Saturday's rematch.
    Reilly will start at quarterback for the Esks for the first time since tearing ligaments in his left knee in the season opener June 27 in Fort McMurray, Alta. His projected recovery time was said to be 10 to 12 weeks.
    Reilly's knee held up Monday when the 30-year-old relieved James Franklin early in the fourth quarter. His Eskimos trailing by nine points, Reilly was five for 12 passing for 90 yards. He had three carries for 25 yards, including one rush of 15 yards.

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