Calgary Stampeders Position-by-position Breakdown: Linebackers

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    Calgary Stampeders position-by-position breakdown: Linebackers
    Scott Fisher,

    It’s not that Keon Raymond doesn’t have a position to play.

    It’s just hard to define it because he’s all over the field.

    And that’s exactly the way he likes it.

    “It says linebacker,” Raymond said of his official spot on the gamesheet. “But it’s more like a nickel position.

    “So I’m all over the place, which is normal for me. It doesn’t matter. I enjoy the spot.”

    It’s the best of both worlds for the versatile 30-year-old veteran of the Calgary Stampeders.

    “I still cover — I still get an opportunity to sack the quarterback,” Raymond said. “The majority of the time, I’m going against a team’s best receivers — Andy Fantuz plays that spot. (So do) Weston Dressler, Fred Stamps …

    “Being able to guard the team’s top receiver, it gives me some more noteriety.”

    Stamps linebackers coach Don Yanowsky says the rover-like position is suited for a player with Raymond’s skill-set.

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