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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Bumpnrun, Oct 25, 2014.

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    What's is Calgary's home record under Hufnagel? Winning percentage?
    Is this team the toughest to play against at home?

    On a side note: while TSN does a great job in regards to the CFL, maybe I have a hometown mentality, but for a team which is now 14-2, I sometimes think that between the broadcaster's and TSN panel the team is not respected. Maybe I'm watching something different ?
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    You are right last night they should have been waving green and white pom poms very very disrespectful to the stamps last night. But it has been that for a long time. Remember when we won the Grey Cup and Nik Lewis took them to task on their disrespect! That has not changed maybe Nik should do it again.
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    Their rider cash cow is about to go to pasture. They don't have much horse sense.
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    Hufnagel's home record

    2008 - Season 7W-L2 + Playoffs 1-0
    2009 - Season 6W-2L-1Tie + Playoffs 1-0
    2010 - Season 7W-L2 + Playoffs 0-1
    2011 - Season 5W-L4 + Playoffs 0-0
    2012 - Season 7W-L2 + Playoffs 1-0
    2013 - Season 8W-L1 + Playoffs 0-1
    2014 - Season 7W-L1 One game to play + Playoffs ???
    Totals - 47W - 14L & 1 tie for a Regular season 75.8% win percentage.
    Totals - 3W - 3L for a Playoffs 50% win percentage.

    Nothing wrong with the regular season record at 75% - not sure who would have a better one than that. Playoffs is a different story, when its exactly 50-50 at McMahon, much to the fan bases chagrin. :(

    The TSN bias against the Stampeders is unbelievable, but it is probably due in part to ratings. If they were to treat the Riders with the same negative bias, the ratings in Saskatchewan would sink like the Riders did in the standings this year when Darian Durant got hurt. Their coverage is the WORST when the Riders are playing, and it doesn't matter what team they are up against. It's all about the Riders, winning or losing. The shots going to commercial are always of the Riders. The commentary is always about the Riders - it's not " Calgary leading by 20" It's " Can the Riders mount a comeback" when the "bump" to a commercial And it doesn't seem to matter who's on the telecast, but it's worst with Rod Black and Glen Suitor. The 2013 Grey Cup telecast was EMBARRASSING, as to how much they pandered to them, but it happens every game.
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    What happened in 2011 that made their home record 5-4? Injuries? OC change?

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