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    TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) and German Football League (GFL) have reached an agreement to form a long-term strategic partnership designed to grow the game of football in both countries, it was announced on Thursday.

    “Our goal is to promote the sport and help players live their football dreams,” said Robert Huber, President of the American Football Verband Deutschland (AFVD).

    Ambrosie aggressively pursuing CFL’s new identity
    There’s still a long off-season to come, free agency awaits and bargaining on a new collective agreement hasn’t even begun, but the Canadian Football League’s international outreach continues to roll on.

    Three weeks after hosting a combine and draft in Mexico City, the CFL announced a strategic partnership with the German Football League on Thursday.

    The agreement is similar to the one with Mexico announced during Grey Cup week. The CFL will look to send players to Germany for development while seeking to recruit the best German talent to the CFL.

    And it’s not stopping there. Next week commissioner Randy Ambrosie will be in Austria and France, followed by a meeting in Scandinavia where he will talk with football leaders from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

    It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that he will return with more international agreements in his pocket as his vision to connect the CFL to football-loving nations around the world unfolds faster than a two-minute offence.

    “We certainly hope so,” said Ambrosie. “The initial reaction and response to this global outreach has been so remarkably positive. We’re talking about building bridges and supporting one another, how do we help grow the game and generate interest in our great game. I am optimistic that we come back at the end of next week and we’ve got several more partners to add to the mix.”
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