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    Pretty sure the league has taken a downturn when it comes to head coaches but lets review:

    1. Lord King Dave Dickenson - a complete private paranoid (almost a necessity for great coaches) Dave Dick is the prototype for better CFL coaches. Look at his record, his attention to detail, his game-planning and in-game decisions. In all aspects he's slightly above average to brilliant. No need for Stamps to replace him, even if this year regresses to around .500

    2. Jason Maas - known for his volatile nature and disgust with CFL referees and league officials. In actuality a better than average CFL coach who seems to maintain player loyalty even when things regress. Of course, he's had Mad-Hatter, Mike Reilly at the helm for most of his career. That helps. Fireable if things get out of hand with Trevor Harris at QB. Fortunately, for Maas, not much depth in current CFL to replace him.

    3. Craig Dickenson - lots of good traits. Like his brother Dave, he seems always in the game. In past known for off-season indifference to his teams but head coaching appointment in league's top fan-friendly franchise seems to have changed all that. Special teams guru who has picked up some nice offensive & defensive coaching tendencies. Yet to face playoff pressure as a head boy.

    4. Mike O'Shea - the quixotic, Bahamas short wearing O'Shea is now well-known for his stubborn streak. So immersed in game detail he often loses sight of the forest for the trees. Unlike his playing days, O'Shea has NOT developed a mean streak or killer instinct for opponents. Far too respectful - often leading to letting foes off the hook and back into the game. Career .500 coach since coming into his 1st head coaching job w/ Winnipeg. Poor post-season record soils his current legacy.

    5. Corey Chamblin - the champ. Hasn't found success in recent years since being gifted a Grey Cup win in Sask'n. Prolly on the chopping block if the Argos continue to flounder at league bottom. Doesn't really seem to have a successful coaching demeanour.

    6. Khari Jones - been on the up 'n comer lists for many years and for many years teams have avoided appointing him like the plague. However, safe for time being in Montreal, despite poor record and even worse prospects, Khari appears safe so long as team being run by the league.

    7. Rick "Porky" Campbell - Redblacks headman has coaching in his blood. Best 1-2 punch in league as GM-Head Coach w/ Marcel Desjardins as his GM. Fairly conservative but occasionally will pull the wool out of his sock and stun viewers. Equally good with his offensive and defensive strategies - but not a master of either.

    8. Devon Claybrooks - too early to pass judgement but a poor start to his rookie coaching career seems to have labelled him a dilly-dallier. Having Reilly as his QB is an asset but could prove to be his undoing, especially if Lions can't generate 3 or 4 wins by half-way mark of '19 campaign.

    9. Orlondo Steinauer - seems to have picked up a ton of coaching knowledge since playing days ended. Has one of the better CFL starters in Jeremiah Masoli, a versatile passer who can throw out of the pocket or on the scramble with equal aplomb. Should battle veteran Porky Campbell for 1st in East, minimal 10-8 record this go-round. If Masoli continues to shine - possible 14-4 team. Very safe posting for a quality guy.

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