News CFL Commish Keeps Eye on Stadium Situation

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    Keep the pressure on. Calgary, a great, modern city, with a stadium built in 1960. (Yes, I know there have been upgrades, but long past due to put old McMahon "out to pasture!")

    Randy Ambrosie wants to see the Calgary Stampeders play in a modern stadium.

    The CFL commissioner has been open about the need for a new football stadium in Calgary, or at the very least, some major improvements to the ageing McMahon Stadium.

    So far, though, there have been no substantial discussions about getting moving on replacing McMahon.

    “It certainly comes up every time I set foot in Calgary,” Ambrosie said this week from the CFL’s winter meetings. “We were there for Grey Cup and it wasn’t really an appropriate time (to formally discuss public funding). I had the mayor sitting next to me more than once and I didn’t take the opportunity, because the hospitality that Calgarians showed was really rock-star status.

    “I’d love to see the Stamps play in a state-of-the-art, beautiful stadium and I’d like to see their fans treated to a new stadium. There’ll be a time, and I’ll take my queues from (Calgary Sports & Entertainment executives) when they think it’s time for me to be a guy who makes a little noise and tries to stimulate a positive discussion.”

    While CSEC came to terms on a deal with the city for municipal funding to go towards a new arena for the Flames, Hitmen and Roughnecks, there hasn’t been much discussion about a new football stadium.

    Realistically, any new facility is going to require public money. CFL revenues aren’t going to cover the tens of millions of dollars — that may be understating things — that it’s going to take to build a modern stadium.

    A new stadium is going to be needed at some point soon, though. McMahon Stadium has been around since 1960 and lacks modern amenities. At the very least, expensive renovations are going to be needed at McMahon within the next decade or so.

    “I do think we will have to, at some point, join forces with the Stamps and really go to the city, go to the province and look, perhaps the most successful franchise in our league in the last 20 years, one of the best-run franchises in our league, I think at some point you have to say, ‘They certainly deserve to play in a facility that is befitting a team of their substance,’ ” Ambrosie said. “I’d like to see that happen, but you do have to pick your spots and obviously there was just an agreement for a new arena and I understand that’s obviously well underway.”

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