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    Other than BC this will be a dogfight for the 3 guaranteed playoff positions and probably 4th place team which will cross over and play either Hamilton or Montreal in the X game.

    Calgary - a bit of a ripple after losing so many players in the off-season; plus early loss of Bully Ray Mitchell for 8 full games. Now Mitchell is back and showing why he's the showcase QB in the league. Pinpoint passing, great pocket presence, solid leadership and fully integrated with his coaching staff. Not much more you can ask. He won't put up bomb numbers like Dane Evans, Trev Harris, Mikey Reilly or even Macbeth Thompson but he's got balanced running & passing. Decent in red zone, too! Not many deficits and a healthy Mitchell should carry them to a charge for the #1 spot in the west vs. Regina who's also been strong.

    Regina - Haven't missed a beat without Zacalero - some might say it was a blessing he got damaged early and Cody Fajardo has emerged as the next BIG GUY in Sask'n. Solid defense, inspired coaching, great team spirit. . . . and some dirtballs when you need them - the guy who concussed bomber long snapper Chaz Rempel, for instance. Regina & Calgary will battle for the 1-2 positions as Winnipeg fails down the stretch & Edmonton flails.

    Winnipeg - even though holding 1st place in W outright, this group realistically fighting with another flailing team, the Esks for 3rd or 4th. If the Bombers lose out - they'll still be 8-10 and that might just be enough to get into the eastern crossover - where they'd be absolute fodder for either Montreal in all probability. Worse than losing out is bomber season ticket base will continue to degrade rapidly and walkups will be all but non-existent. Real warts in both leadership and strategy continue to plague this team.

    Edmonton - Trevor Harris can look like a million dollars one minute and a million pesos the next. Career up 'n downer who continues to put up big stats. Volatile QB with volatile head coach does NOT bode well. Winnipeg might win one more game and still finish ahead of Edmonton - in any event Wpg. is no match for either Regina or Calgary - - - - as they'll prolly finish ahead of Edmonton with another victory (9-9)

    BC - should get roarin' about 14 games in so Reilly might be able to rally this group of ill-coached misfits and hobos to a 5-13 mark. In any event, no playoffs for you!
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    Miss me?
    Retired from that thing I did, hated it, ran the fuckit list in no time flat, came back.
    Answered the phone, decided to pick it up again.
    Found my laptop, and here we are.
    Haven't scrolled back, anyone's panties in a knot?
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    Hey jayman, Bombers fan from the 'peg, right?

    Long time, no see...

    So, aside from your somewhat indecipherable re-entrance today, how ya been? :D


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