CFL Legend Lovell Coleman Passes Away

Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Bronko, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Just announced during tonite's game, Lovell Coleman the great stampeder passed away in Kelowna.

    Tell you my Lovell story - although nothing was better than watching this guy romp thru the line of scrimmage like a hot knife thru butter. I was just a kid during Lovell's halcyon days but the guy was a bugger for all CFL teams - not just my bombers.

    Anyways, fast forward almost 30 years to early 90s. I was out in Surrey, BC being best man at my buddy's wedding. He had purchased a nice house and was having renovations done. Big bugger doing the renovations was making a bit o noise so John (my buddy) introduces me - "Say hello to Lovell!"...... and that is how I met CFL hall of famer Lovell Coleman. He was doing home improvements in Vancouver!

    RIP - Mr. Coleman - you were one of the great ones.....

    Also had a visit today from a couple of Ernie Pitts grandchildren.
    Lyle B. Style
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    A very sad story.
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    That's truly sad news to hear.

    My wife and I only returned from a week-long holiday in Kelowna late Friday night.

    I had no idea he had retired there or I would have made a sincere effort to have looked him up.

    Lovell represents my very earliest memory as a Stampeders fan, having seen him in action at McMahon against the BC Lions in a night game in October, 1964 where he rolled off right tackle in a sweep that went 70 or 80 yards.

    Lovell Coleman was a magnificent talent who should have had a longer career in Calgary than he did.

    My condolences to his loved ones as yet another legend of the game passes into history with the sands of time...


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    When I was very young, we lived in the same neighborhood as Mr. Coleman. He was known in the neighbborhood, as a friendly face who enjoyed playing "football" with the kids, if I recall correctly.

    R.I.P. Mr. Coleman, R.I.P!

    Another familiar name in the neighbborhood was the Harises, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Harris. All I remember about them was their family pet, a very, very mean dog, a Boxer, aptly named Nero. Whenever he got out of the yard, he terrorized people and other wayward dogs/cats.
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