CFL Player Poll Series: Top Expansion Draft Pick

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    Since we're closing in on the start of a new CFL season, it seems like a fitting time to revisit TSN's latest CFL Players Poll, but with a twist. We'll run a mirror poll of our own and compare the results. Since it is a multi-part poll, I have decided to divide this into a series of threads, each with their own specific question.

    To avoid tainting the votes one way or another, I would prefer that you place your vote here and then click the link to see the results of the players vote.

    As always, please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts below.

    CFL Player Poll Results (**please vote in all categories before clicking, as all results are on the same page**)
    To me this may be the most interesting of all the poll questions because even this early in his career, Drew Tate placed THIRD in voting amongst his peers! That truly is saying something. True he's proven nothing yet, but if even his opponents think that highly of him, well that speaks well to his potential.

    Here's what Tate had to say: "Who voted? The players? I have to say thanks to those guys... I’m not sure how I got in front of Ricky Ray or Darian Durant... It doesn’t help us win or lose games, so I can’t pay too much attention to it."

    EDIT: Unfortunately it also probably says something about the state of quarterbacking in the CFL right now...

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