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    Couple of highlights out of the CFL's CBA that cover Training Camp. Let's shed a little light on the League!

    In a 19 week CFL season like the one we have in 2012 the CFL season can only last 175 days from the first day of training camp to the Grey Cup.

    Training Camps can't open any earlier than 28 days before the first scheduled CFL game.

    QBs are allowed to report the Monday before training camp opens but it is completely at their option to their involvement.

    Rookies and Veterans must be tested at separate times.

    2 a day practices can only happen during the first 12 days of camp and must not start before 8:30am. Each practice can only last 2.5 hrs. During 2 a days, meetings are capped at a maximum of 3 hours.

    Training Camp roster is a minimum of 68 players signed to a standard contract and a maximum of 75 players.

    Players that are non-counters for Training Camp are:

    Players selected in the current year Canadian Draft, and
    (ii) Players selected in a previous year’s Canadian Draft by the Member Club that have never attended a professional training camp in Canada or elsewhere, and
    (iii) Junior players not under contract, and (iv) Two additional undrafted Non-import Players comprised of either:
    (A) A Player who was eligible for the current or the previous years’ C.F.L. Draft, or
    (B) A C.J.F.L. Player whose junior eligibility had terminated in the previous C.J.F.L. season.
    (v) A non-import quarterback who is playing and participating in training camp at the quarterback position.

    In addition teams can have 2 Veteran players at camp that are rehabbing injuries from the previous year or obtained over the off season (surgery), however they cannot participate in practices until they are medically cleared.
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    I think these rules both help & hurt players. One, they hurt as there is not enough evaluation time given especially for rookie or 2nd year players on the bubble. One injury that cause them to miss multiple practice days & they can kiss their chances goodbye. With only 2 exhibition games instead of 4, a rook may only get a series or two to prove himself. hardly enough of a chance to be fairly evaluated. How many talented young players have we lost over the years because of a short exhibition season??
    Two a days... I get tired of hearing veterans moan about 2 a days. The CFL is a country club when it comes to 2 a days. Training camp as well as the exhibition season is shortened from what it used to be. Look at the NFL training camps & pre season compared to ours. Well, there is no comparison.
    I remember back in the day, CFL training camps would start June 15th. The 2 a days would go for a full 2 weeks maybe a bit more. The players would be in full pads every practice. Hitting would go on every practice. Then at the end of 2 a days would come a 4 game exhibition season. Usually, the season started right around July 27th or 28th. Usually the last week of July. So, SIX FULL WEEKS. Therefore, CFL players quit moaning about 2 a days... There are days when you just go shoulder pads & helmets or no pads at all. You don't know how good you have it compared to players in years past.

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