CFL Week 1 Observations

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    1. Brett Jones = great non-first round CIS draft pick by Huffer, he's starting, he's from Weyburn, SK. What more can you want. Don't think anyone misses Obby Khan unless you like the waft of garlic in your locker room.

    2. Rod Black - great for TSN to hold this dud back until the late game of the Friday nite double-header. Guy is bad for the sport, especially for CFL fans who know the game. Rotten Roddy knows diddly squat, TSN execs have a rule that if you criticize Black and draw a TSN paycheque you're fired so all TSN personnel have to go along with this 30 year and running gag.

    3. Rider defense - in a opening weekend of flying V offenses and pathetic looking defenses, the riders actually manned up, swarming Mike Reilly and choking out the "Vaunted" Schmoe offense.

    4. Stupidity Exemplified - Esks deciding to throw a 10 yard curl from their goal-line on last play of half. Picked and Six. Even Rainman Huard wouldn't have called that play. Probably conceeded a deuce, though! If Kavis K-Dogg continues stuff like that, he'll be looking for work as Seal's stand-in. I think Paul LaPolice is on standby to take over the Esks. Esk management might also want to re-think appointment of Ed the Sock Hervey as GM.

    5. Winnipeg Optics - great opening for new Stadium. Thanks to local media for ignoring massive exit problems at the big house and pitch black conditions outside stadium. The Stegall in Pads thing a bit cheesy but unique, I must say. A bit of a boot in the head to legendary 4 time Grey Cup winner Ken Ploen. Non- Grey Cup winners Doug Brown and Troy Westwood decided to stay away from ceremonies in every way, shape and form.

    6. Great new players - Demon Washington isn't new but his play was exciting for Bombers. Some other good new guys making some waves.

    7. Worst debut - after the great hype awarded him Mike Reilly was pretty pedestrian in an Esks uniform. Somewere in a Winnipeg sanitorium Joe Mack is breathing a sigh of relief.

    8. Gord Miller- the Miller/Dunigan combo was the best (by far) broadcast combo during Week 1. Miller has beefed up his patter and Dunigan is Dunigan - an excitable ex-Legend who knows his stuff and isn't shy about sharing. Cuthbert is good but he's nowere in the league of Don Wittman, Don Chevrier or even John Wells. Mr Suitor is OK but tends to sautee the same pre-game plan, regardless of how a game is moving.

    9. Calgary's Fans - did a great job. Looked like far more than 26,000, especially good considering the recent natural disaster in cowtown. Congrats Calgarians.

    10. Concern in BC? - Not really and not yet is the answer. Wally Buono is always stoic about taking a loss, even a bad whippin' like Hufnagel and Tate administered him. Travis Lulay is taking on a Ricky Ray personna - dead stone-face indifference to losing, little emotion shown other than celebrating TDs. Some real concerns emerging in their trenches to be sure.

    11. The Dwight Show - a circus or a star. Prolly both. Wonder what Hoof would think of this head case?

    12. Late add/edit - Diamond Fairy - this guy has caused his share of late hits and concussions. I was therefore non-plussed when that Edmonton 375 lb. monster tracked him down and levelled him into a parallel world.
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    Hey good analysis, Nate. One of your best posts. Too bad I never saw Ferry get levelled. Now, same thing should happen to Shea Emery. Jury out on Reilley. he'll do much better. Reed can't be Seal's stand in as he has better facial skin. He's a Dove Man. Seal's a Tetracycline Titan!
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    I hope their apparent lack of concern stays that way.

    All the way through the regular season.

    By the time they finally figure out there is reason for concern, like the proverbial lobster placed in a pot of salted cold water and set to slowly simmer over heat, they'll be fully cooked...;)

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    Not if animal rights activist and big BC Lion fan Pamela Anderson has anything to say about it. :woot:

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