Cornerback Fred Bennett One Of Few Calgary Stampeders To Go Wire-to-wire Last Season

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    Cornerback Fred Bennett one of few Calgary Stampeders to go wire-to-wire last season
    Scott Mitchell,

    Grinding his way through four full NFL seasons and one full CFL campaign doesn’t compare to the four months Fred Bennett spent at Hargrave military prep school.

    Even though the Calgary Stampeders cornerback’s stint at the Virginia academy 11 years ago was brief, it makes training camp seem like Sunday brunch.

    “It taught me dedication,” said Bennett, who was the only Stamps defensive back to make it through last season unscathed, suiting up for all 18 games in his first CFL season. “We did a lot of military things, as far as waking up at 4 o’clock and formations and boot shining and running and the marches — we did it all, man.”

    The fact Bennett went wire-to-wire may seem like a minor miracle considering bodies were dropping left and right around him last season, as nine different players made starts in the secondary.

    But last season’s pain is 2013’s gain, as the ballhawk unit has returned healthy, and most importantly, more versatile this season, says Stamps defensive backs coach Tony Missick.

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