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    Just a reminder of what they have heading into the weekend. Expansion draft is Monday and it'll be webcast on the CFL site.

    Name [​IMG]
    Pos I/N College
    MacMillan, Nolan OT N Iowa
    Williams, Conner DE N Utah State
    Kashama, Kalonji DE N Eastern Michigan
    Digby, Tyler TE N Robert Morris
    Hayes, Michael RB I Houston
    O'Neal, Eric RB I Coastal Carolina
    Roberts, Jordan RB I Charleston
    Faulkner, Matt QB I San Jose State
    Rouse, Fred WR I Concordia-Selma
    Turnbull, Nick DB I Florida International
    Tyson, DeMitrio DE I Jacksonville State
    Gavins, Jerrell DB I Boise State

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