News Early Predictions? for 2018 CFL Season

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    The streak is two.

    In November 2016 and again in November 2017, an upstart team from the Canadian Football League’s Eastern Division upended the league’s best regular-season team and took him a championship.

    In both years, Calgary was the victim of Grey Cup losses.

    Will there be a third straight Grey Cup upset in November of this year? If so, will the Stamps again walk away empty handed?

    Let’s take a look at how the 2018 season might play out? (posted by a Winnipeg fan, perhaps?)

    Yes, I might change these predictions once training camps wrap up. A key injury or an under-the-radar player coming through could alter how the CFL season might play out. The good ol’ fashioned eye test can’t be ignored either.
    CALGARY: The phrase will be repeated multiple times in the coming weeks: Calgary has the depth to overcome a host of off-season changes. Saying that, the Stamps’ margin for error is gone. So, too, are too many defensive backs, a critical need in the pass-happy CFL. If quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell is injured and misses any significant period of time, the slide could be steeper. The most important off-season addition: guard Derek Dennis, who returns to anchor an offensive line that needs stability. The most important off-season loss: defensive back Shaq Richardson, who might be in the NFL this season, and who is one of four DBs from 2017 no longer with the team.

    The projected final standings:
    WPG 12-6
    EDM 11-7
    CGY 10-8
    SSK 10-8
    BC: 7-11

    HAM: 11-7
    TOR: 9-9
    OTT: 7-11
    MTL: 4-14

    GREY CUP Prediction: Winnipeg defeats Hamilton. The league’s longest Grey Cup drought comes to an end, unless the league’s second-longest championship drought ends.
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    I think Calgary going 10-8 is pretty accurate if BLM stays healthy. Otherwise I can see the Stamps having a reverse record of 8-10.

    After consecutive appearances in the Grey Cup i think the Stamps will take a step back this year.
    Again this year the Stamps D will have to shine.

    As always the West Division will be a grind. I predict when the season is done Edmonton will be hosting the West Final.

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