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    The streak is two.

    In November 2016 and again in November 2017, an upstart team from the Canadian Football League’s Eastern Division upended the league’s best regular-season team and took him a championship.

    In both years, Calgary was the victim of Grey Cup losses.

    Will there be a third straight Grey Cup upset in November of this year? If so, will the Stamps again walk away empty handed?

    Let’s take a look at how the 2018 season might play out? (posted by a Winnipeg fan, perhaps?)

    Yes, I might change these predictions once training camps wrap up. A key injury or an under-the-radar player coming through could alter how the CFL season might play out. The good ol’ fashioned eye test can’t be ignored either.
    CALGARY: The phrase will be repeated multiple times in the coming weeks: Calgary has the depth to overcome a host of off-season changes. Saying that, the Stamps’ margin for error is gone. So, too, are too many defensive backs, a critical need in the pass-happy CFL. If quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell is injured and misses any significant period of time, the slide could be steeper. The most important off-season addition: guard Derek Dennis, who returns to anchor an offensive line that needs stability. The most important off-season loss: defensive back Shaq Richardson, who might be in the NFL this season, and who is one of four DBs from 2017 no longer with the team.

    The projected final standings:
    WPG 12-6
    EDM 11-7
    CGY 10-8
    SSK 10-8
    BC: 7-11

    HAM: 11-7
    TOR: 9-9
    OTT: 7-11
    MTL: 4-14

    GREY CUP Prediction: Winnipeg defeats Hamilton. The league’s longest Grey Cup drought comes to an end, unless the league’s second-longest championship drought ends.
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    I think Calgary going 10-8 is pretty accurate if BLM stays healthy. Otherwise I can see the Stamps having a reverse record of 8-10.

    After consecutive appearances in the Grey Cup i think the Stamps will take a step back this year.
    Again this year the Stamps D will have to shine.

    As always the West Division will be a grind. I predict when the season is done Edmonton will be hosting the West Final.
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    So this was posted in the middle of May. What say you now here at the end of July? Clearly, barring catastrophic injury, we are not going to finish third, and with only 10 wins. Yet I do wonder about the Grey Cup - we might need a tighter race and more mid-season adversity to hone the edges and killer instinct to rage for 60 minutes in the final game of the season.
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    What say you, indeed?

    As matters stand one third of the way through the season, the Stampeders are (yet again) the odds-on favourites to win the western crown for what would be the third successive season.

    Still a lot of this season left to play, but what I like about this year's iteration of the Stampeders is the sense I have that they have not yet given everything they've got to give, and yet they are where they are.

    I think we'll still see better than we've seen thus far from this club before we call it a season in 2018.

    Will it be enough?

    Sometimes disappointment lurks just around the corner just when everything looks set to reach a perfect conclusion. Two consecutive Grey Cup losses for this club for the past 2 seasons speaks volumes about just how fickle fate can be.

    So I won't plan the parade just yet, but from where I sit, things are sure lookin' good...;)

    And in fourteen games or so from now, let's revisit this thing.


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