The Waggle ep.174: Labour Day lives up to the hype

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    Donnovan is joined by Brodie Lawson for the post-Labour Day edition of the Waggle. Dylan Wynn joins us for an interview while we look ahead to what next weekend's rematches have to offer.

    2:30 Baby gift for Donnovan

    6:00-10:50 Former Argos ball out for Hamilton

    11:00 Labour Day rivalries

    14:25 Banjo Bowl

    17:25 Riders-Bombers Labour Day game / John Ryan

    19:00 Canadian Player Shoutouts

    22:20 Favourite Game Day Experience

    24:10 Bo is back and gelling with Reggie Begelton

    32:00 Hiding signs on the sidelines

    35:30 Dylan Wynn interview

    53:00 Grey Cup Vegas picks

    58:00 Final questions / goodbyes

    Break the huddle and head to the Podcast...

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